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VH-1 Fashion & Music Awards (1995)

Tina Turner - VH-1 Fashion & Music Awards - TV

Tina & Elton John

VH-1 Fashion & Music Awards was the first music and fashion event, which honored the best dressed players in fashion and music in 1995, hosted by "Wings" star Steven Weber in New York City. It features live performances from the artist formerly known as Prince, Elton John, K.D. Lang and Tina Turner, promoting her new single Goldeneye with a James Bond styled performance. It was also the first time she performed this song live. At the end of the show, she did also the duet „The Bitch Is Back“ together with Elton John.

    December 03, 1995
  1. Goldeneye
  2. The Bitch Is Back (Tina & Elton John)

  3. All songs were performed live

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