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March 08, 1996

The TROS Show is a Dutch talk-show since 1981 with Ivo Niehe as the host. Tina was three times guest in the show - two times in the studio where she performed songs from her recent albums and was interviewed from the host Ivo Niehe and once from her ongoing Foreign Affair Tour. In 2009, a special showed the best scenes from her previous appearances and some new footage.

  1. Interview
  2. Receiving Certification
  3. Gold for the album 'Foreign Affair'
    March 08, 1996
  1. Goldeneye
  2. Interview
  3. Whatever You Want
  1. When The Heartache Is Over
  2. Interview
  3. Whatever You Need
    April 10, 2009
  1. Special

  2. All songs were performed lip-synced

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