IKE & TINA: Single

Tell Her I’m Not Home (1965)

Ike & Tina Turner - Tell Her I'm Not Home - Single

Tell Her I’m Not Home was originally released from Chuck Jackson in 1963 as „Tell Him I'm Not Home.“ Ike & Tina flipped it to be from a female perspective and released it as a non album track in 1965. After the success with River Deep, Mountain High in England, the single was also released in the United Kingdom one year later. Tina promoted the song without Ike but together with Marvin Gaye at the TV-Show Shindig in 1965. The single was first released in Germany in 1975 with a picture cover, taken from the sampler Star Collection (Vol. 2).

Producer: Bob Krasnow
Release: February 1965 / July 1966 (UK) / 1975 (Germany)
Label: Loma (USA) / Warner (Europe)
Format: 7“ Vinyl
Charts: USA: #33 (R&B) / UK: #48
Album: Non album track

  1. Tell Her I’m Not Home 3:52
  2. Written by Brenda Bruno, Tony Bruno, Sanford Bellini
    Additional tracks:
  1. I’m Thru With Love 2:11
  2. From the American release / Written by Ike Turner
  3. Finger Poppin' 2:47
  4. From the UK release / Written by Ike Turner / Produced by Ike Turner
  5. Why Oh Why 2:40
  6. From the German release / Written by Charles Rich / Produced by Ike Turner
Ike & Tina Turner - Tell Her I'm Not Home - Single

CashBox - February 13, 1965

Soulful blues sound follows a telephone talk opening. Could break big in the R&B areas, and spread to a wide range of record buyers. Bob Krasnow produced the tune, and might well see fine results.

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