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Solid Gold (1981 - 1985)

Tina Turner - Solid Gold - TV

February 04, 1984

Solid Gold was an American music television series from September 13, 1980 until July 23, 1988. Tina's first appearance on the show was in 1981 with a very rare duet on the song Proud Mary, together with the host Dionne Warwick. Then, after her comeback in 1984 and ’85, she promoted several times her singles from the Private Dancer album.

February 23, 1985
Better Be Good To Me (Playback)

February 09, 1985
Private Dancer (Playback)

September 08, 1984
What’s Love Got To Do With It (Playback)

February 04, 1984
Let’s Stay Together (Playback)

February 14, 1981
Proud Mary (Live with Dionne Warwick)

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