IKE & TINA: Single

Sexy Ida (1974)

Ike & Tina Turner - Sexy Ida - Single

Sexy Ida contains two stylistically different versions, written by Tina Turner. Part 2 on the flip features Marc Bolan of T. Rex on guitar. It was intended to be included on the album Sweet Rhode Island Red, but was only on the tracklist in some European countries to promote their tour. Ike & Tina performed the song live at several TV-Shows like Soul Train and The Midnight Special. Ike Turner recorded also a solo version in 1996 with lead vocals by Patrick Gammon and Anita Davis, available on his album My Bluescountry.

Writer: Tina Turner
Producer: Ike Turner, Claude Williams, Gerhard Augustin
Recorded: Bolic Sound, June 1974
Release: July 1974 (USA) / September 1974 (Europe)
Label: United Artists
Format: 7“ Vinyl
Charts: USA: #29 (R&B), #65 (Pop) / UK: #51
AlbumSweet Rhode Island Red (Europe)

  1. Sexy Ida (Part I) 2:29
  2. Sexy Ida (Part II) 3:01
Ike & Tina Turner - Sexy Ida - Single

Cash Box - August 18, 1974

This powerhouse duo does it again!! An incredibly strong disk it could make it as a disco record. Ike and Tina can really sock it out and this record is where they really cut loose. Solidly based heavy beat is cut through with Tina's outrageous vocal. Tight instrumentally and great vocally this record cannot miss the top.

Blues & Soul - October 8, 1974

Every now and then Ike and Tina burst through with a giant. Last time around, it was „Nutbush City Limits“ and then followed a couple of duds. Now Tina shrieks her way through a bubbling disco item that is virtually assured of both pop and soul victory in this country. *****

Ike & Tina Turner - Sexy Ida - Promo

"SEXY IDA:" She won’t stop till she’s on top. She’s on the charts and moving up. "Sexy Ida." A new single from Ike and Tina on United Artists Records.

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