IKE & TINA: Album (Live)

Revue Live (1964)

Ike & Tina Turner - Revue Live - Album

Revue Live is the first Ike & Tina live album with recordings from the Club Imperial and Harlem Club in St. Louis, Missouri. It features vocal performances from Jerry Thomas, Venetta Fields, Bobby John, Stacy Johnson, Robbie Montgomery, Vernon Guy and of course from Tina. The album was originally released in 1964 only in America, but was later also issued worldwide on different labels. In 1968, it was re-issued under the different title Please, Please, Please. The release on compact disc features additional bonus tracks from the album Festival of Live Performances.

Producer: Ike Turner
Release: November 1964 / Various (Reissue)
Label: Kent / Ember, United (Reissue)
Format: Vinyl / Cartridge / CD

    Side A
  1. Please, Please, Please (Live) 6:54
  2. Written by Brown, Terry / Lead vocals: Tina Turner / Single in 1964
  3. Feel So Good (Live) 3:12
  4. Written by Lee / Lead vocals: Jerry Thomas
  5. The Love Of My Man (Live) 3:55
  6. Written by Townsend / Lead vocals: Venetta Fields
  7. Think (Live) 2:24
  8. Written by Pauling / Lead vocals: Bobby John
    Side B
  1. Drown In My Own Tears (Live) 7:31
  2. Written by Glover / Lead vocals: Stacy Johnson
  3. I Love The Way You Love (Live) 3:12
  4. Written by Gordy / Lead vocals: Robbie Montgomery
  5. Your Precious Love (Live) 2:30
  6. Written by Butler / Lead vocals: Vernon Guy
  7. All In My Mind (Live) 3:30
  8. Written by Brown, Kirkland, Johnson / Lead vocals: Tina Turner / Single in 1964
  9. I Can’t Believe What You Say (Live) 1:59
  10. Written by Ike Turner / Lead vocals: Tina Turner
Ike & Tina Turner - Revue Live - Album
    CD Bonus Tracks
  1. A Fool In Love (Live) 2:43
  2. Written by Ike Turner
  3. Stop The Wedding / Please, Please, Please (Live) 8:30
  4. Written by J. McCoy, P. Gaston, B. Williams / James Brown, J. Terry
  5. My Man (He’s A Loving Man) (Live) 3:33
  6. Written by Matthews, Bennett / Lead vocals by The Ikettes
  7. I Know (You Don’t Love Me No More) (Live) 3:27
  8. Written by George
  9. It’s Gonna Work Out Fine (Live) 2:32
  10. Written by Sylvia McKinney, Rose Marie McCoy
  11. If I Only Had You aka The Way You Love Me (Live) 1:48
  12. Written by Ike Turner
  13. I Can’t Stop Loving You (Live) 3:29
  14. Written by Ike Turner
  15. You Should Have Treated Me Right (Live) 3:22
  16. Written by Ike Turner
  17. He Is Mine (Live) 3:47
  18. Written by Ike Turner

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