TINA: Commercial

Pepsi (1985 - 1991)

Tina Turner - Pepsi - Commercial

Pepsi was the sponsor for Tina’s Private Dancer Tour in 1985, the Break Every Rule Tour in 1987 / ’88 and once again for the Foreign Affair Tour in 1990. Additionally, they also launched a major advertising campaign for the 1991 Simply The Best greatest hits album in Europe. Beside of massive radio and press campains and point of sales advertising with instore merchandise, several television commercials were produced:

The first was in 1986 with the song We Got The Taste, directed by David Mallet with Tina solo as well as with different duet partners. One year later in 1987, David Bowie and Tina produced together the commercial „Creation“ with a short version of the song „Modern Love“. In 1989, Tina’s recent hit The Best was used for several promotional clips and in 1990 the duet It Takes Two, together with Rod Stewart.

“I remember making a commercial for Pepsi-Cola with her 1986 in LA. She turned up absolutely on time. She had to do, I think, fifteen different versions of that bloody film, duetting with a different person from God knows where. They were all late and hungover and this, that, and the other. Tina walked in and said, ‘Tell me where to stand, tell me what to do, and I’ll do it. I trust you.’ That commercial was in the biggest film studio you’ve ever seen in your life. She wasn’t expecting that. She was expecting to sit on a stool and talk to some local singer. She had just a great energy to overcome it.” — David Mallet

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