IKE & TINA: Album (Live)

On The Road (2013)

Ike & Tina Turner - On The Road - Album

On The Road (1971-72) is a wonderful eleven inch vinyl picture disc with four live songs from the early seventies. The audio tracks and the cover pictures were recorded and photographed by the American author and photographer Bob Gruen. This record is an add on to the On The Road home video from 2012 with rare Ike & Tina Turner video recordings.

Producer: Bob Gruen, Rick Fuller
Photographer: Bob Gruen
Design: Sabrina Koerber
Release: 2013
Label: MVD
Format: 11“ Vinyl

    Side A
  1. Pick Me Up (Take Me Where Your Home Is) (Live) 5:16
  2. Written by Leon Ware, Ike Turner, Tina Turner, Alline Bullock
  3. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (Live) 7:53
  4. Written by Otis Redding, J. Butler
    Side B
  1. I Smell Trouble (Live) 8:08
  2. Written by Robey
  3. Proud Mary (Live) 9:48
  4. Written by John C. Fogerty
Ike & Tina Turner - On The Road - Album

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