TINA: Song

Music Keeps Me Dancin'

is a song from Tina’s second solo album Love Explosion after the split from Ike Turner and was written by Lenny Macaluso, which was Tina’s bandleader until 1980. It was also released as a single in Europe and Tina performed it live at her Wild Lady of Rock concerts, available on the same named home video from 1984.

Writer: Lenny Macaluso, Pat Summerson
Producer: Alec R. Costandinos
Album: Love Explosion (1979)
Single: Music Keeps Me Dancin’ (1979)
Video: Wild Lady of Rock (1984)

Tina Turner - Love Explosion - AlbumTina Turner - Music Keeps Me Dancin' - Single
  1. Music Keeps Me Dancin' 3:54
  2. Arranged & Conducted by Raymond T. Knehnetsky / Remixed at Trident Studios, London by Peter R. Kelsey / Dede Ceccarelli: Drums/ Bernie Arcadio: Keyboards / Jaycee Chanavat: Guitar / Tony Bonfils: Bass / Manu Roche: Percussion / Georges Rodi: Synthesizer programming / George Marge: Oboe / Tom Malone, Wayne Andre, Barry Rogers, Dave Taylor: Trombone / Michael Brecker: Tenor Sax / Laurence Feldman, George Young: Alto Sax / Lew Delgato: Baritone Sax / Randy Brecker, Jon Faddis, Alan Rubin: Trumpet / The Pat Halling String Ensemble / Backing Vocalst: Vickie Brown, Stevie Lange, Stephanie de Sykes, Arthur Simms / Rhythm recorded at Trident Studios, London / Engineer: Peter R. Kelsey / Assisted by Michael Donegani, Adam Mosely, David Barrett, Simon Hilliard, Craig Millener / Miss Turners Vocals recorded at CRS Studios, London / Engineer: Mike Ross / Assisted by Mark Chamberlain, Andrew Chark / Strings, Backing Vocals and Synthesizers recorded at Red Bus Studios, London / Engineer: Geoff Calver / Assisted by Gordon Milne, Richard Lengyel

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