Let Me Touch Your Mind (1973)

Ike & Tina Turner - Let Me Touch Your Mind - Album

Let Me Touch Your Mind was recorded at Ike’s Bolic Sound studio in July 1972 and features with the title track Let Me Touch Your Mind only one single. It was originally released with a very special deluxe gatefold cover, designed and with many artistic pictures from Norman Seeff. He photographed Ike & Tina as well as Tina solo many times. The album was reissued on the double CD Workin’ Together / Let Me Touch Your Mind in 2011.

Producer: Ike Turner, Andre Williams
Recorded: Bolic Sound, July 1972
Design: Norman Seeff, Dave Bhano
Release: January 1973 / 2011 (CD)
Label: United Artists / BGO (CD)
Format: Vinyl (gatefold) / Cassette / Cartridge / Reel Tape / CD

Side A
  1. Let Me Touch Your Mind 4:08
  2. Written by Oliver Sain / Single release in 1972
  3. Annie Had A Baby 2:43
  4. Written by H. Glover, L. Mann / Single release in 1973
  5. Don’t Believe Her 2:47
  6. Written by Ike Turner
  7. I Had A Notion 2:42
  8. Written by J. Morris
  9. Popcorn 3:04
  10. Written by Tina Turner
Side B
  1. Early One Morning 3:33
  2. Written by Little Richard
  3. Help Him 3:38
  4. Written by Tina Turner
  5. Up On The Roof 2:53
  6. Written by G. Goffin, C. King
  7. Born Free 3:18
  8. Written by J. Barry, D. Black / From the Columbia motion picture "Born Free"
  9. Heaven Help Us All 3:09
  10. Written by R. Miller
Billboard Review

February 03, 1973

Just about the same thing can be said about the latest Ike & Tina album as about their other recent-vintage successes on UA. It is burningly energetic soul with Tina's uniquely sexy showmanship way out front on display, in a well-conceived program of Turner originals and covers. Duos next hit could be the slow-cooking title tune or Tina's lecture on mating „Help Him“. Jacket packaging is a unique foldout poster with computer-processed abstractions.


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Ike & Tina Turner - Let Me Touch Your Mind - AlbumIke & Tina Turner - Let Me Touch Your Mind - AlbumIke & Tina Turner - Let Me Touch Your Mind - AlbumIke & Tina Turner - Let Me Touch Your Mind - AlbumIke & Tina Turner - Workin' Together / Let Me Touch Your Mind - CDIke & Tina Turner - Let Me Touch Your Mind - Promo
Billboard Review

January 27, 1973

Their new album Let Me Touch Your Mind finds Ike & Tina again doing standard songs, after a long period in which they recorded only originals. Hank Ballards „Annie Had A Baby“ meets Carole King's „Up On The Roof,“ and even „Born Free“ fits in when the Turner's exciting treatment is applied. Nobody else in the world knows how to make music like Ike & Tina. As unique as this cover design, it combines both the roughest and the smoothest qualities of rhythm & blues at it's best to produce the unforgettable sound that made classics of songs like „Proud Mary“ and „Honky Tonk Women“ after nobody thought the original versions could be taken any farther. But then it never pays to underestimate Ike & Tina Turner. They'll get you every time. 

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