TINA: Duet

Jimmy Barnes (1992)

Tina Turner & Jimmy Barnes - Duet

Jimmy Barnes is a Scottish-born Australian rock singer and songwriter. His career both as a solo performer and as the lead vocalist with the rock band Cold Chisel has made him one of the most popular and best-selling Australian music artists.

In 1992, Tina re-recorded her hit single The Best together with Jimmy as a duet and relesed it as a single only in Australia and New Zealand under the slightly different title Simply The Best. It was also used for an advertising campaign for the New South Wales Rugby League. The saxophone instrumental part was replaced with a guitar solo, played from the Australian musician Johnny Diesel.

  1. Simply The Best 4:11
  2. Simply The Best (Extended Version) 5:30
  3. Written by Holly Knight, Mike Chapman / Produced by Dan Hartman, Chris Lord-Alge

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