TINA: Song

It’s Only Rock’n Roll

is a rock song, written and released by The Rolling Stones in 1974. Tina Turner covered it for her concerts, after Roger Davis became her manager and remodeled her show into a rock showcase, available on the Nice 'N' Rough home video. She performed it also together with Mick Jagger as a duet at the Tokyo Dome on March 23, 1988 as part of his Tour of Japan. At Tina’s 50th Anniversary Tour in 2008 / 09, she performed the song again as part of a Rolling Stones medley, together with Lisa Fisher.

Writer: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
Album: TINA Live (2009)
Bootleg: From Far East To Down Under (2001)
Video: Nice 'N' Rough (1982) / TINA Live (2009)

  1. It's Only Rock'n Roll (Live Tina & Lisa Fisher) 3:23
  2. From the album 'TINA Live' with a concert at the GelreDome in Arnhem, Holland on March 21, 2009
    Warren McRae: Bass / Laurie Wisefield: Guitars, Vocals / Euge Groove: Saxophone, Percussion, Keyboards / Jack Bruno: Drums / Joel Campbell: Keyboards, Vocals / Ollie Marland: Musical Director, Keyboards, Vocals / John Miles: Guitar, Vocals / Stacy Campbell, Lisa Fisher: Backing Vocals
  3. It's Rock'N Roll (Live) 4:56
  4. From the bootleg 'From Far East To Down Under' with a concert at the Tokyo Dome on March 23, 1988

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