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In Your Wildest Dreams (1996)

Tina Turner - In Your Wildest Dreams - Single

In Your Wildest Dreams is the title track of the album Wildest Dreams, released as the second single in America and the last one in Europe. The different formats includes several remixed versions from DJ’s like Pink Noise and Deep Dish. The mixes on the „Rhythm Series“ CD single contain also a sample of Michael Jackson’s song „Human Nature“. The original guest vocals from Antonio Banderas on the European version of the album were replaced with vocals from Barry White for the American market and single release. Tina promoted it at several TV-Shows and performed it live at her Wildest Dreams Tour. A live version is available on the Live In Amsterdam home video from 1997.

Release: November 1996
Label: Parlophone (Europe) / Virgin (USA)
Format: 12“ Vinyl / 5“ CD / Cassette 
Charts: UK: #32 / Germany: #32 / Europe: #33, #19 (Airplay) / USA: #34 (R&B)
AlbumWildest Dreams

Tina Turner - In Your Wildest Dreams - Single
  1. In Your Wildest Dreams (Edit) 3:48
  2. Writer: Holly Knight, Mike Chapman / Producer: Trevor Horn / Special Guest Vocalist: Antonio Banderas, Barry White / Backing Vocals: Tessa Niles, Miriam Stockley / Guitars: Trevor Rabin / Keyboards & Programming: Garry Hughes, Lol Creme / Production Assistant: Lol Creme / Orchestra Arrangement: John Altman / Orchestra Leader: Gavin Wright / Pro-Tools: Mike Higham / Recorded at Studio Sarm Hookend, Studio 52 & Sarm West Coast / Mixed by Steve Fitzmaurice
  3. JOE Remix 4:50
  4. JOE Remix Edit 3:52
  5. JOE Extended Remix 5:28
  6. Antonio Slow Mix 3:51
  7. Antonio Latin Mix 4:01
  8. Crossover Mix 3:52
  9. From the 5" disc / Remix by JOE
  10. 12" Version 5:05
  11. 7" Version 3:53
  12. Instrumental 5:04
  13. From the 5" disc & 12" record 'Rhythm Series' / Remix & addidional production by Danny D.
  14. Pink Noise Club Mix 5:25
  15. Deep Dish Paradise Mix Edit 4:53
  16. Pleasant Instrumental 5:19
  17. From the 12" record / Remix by Pink Noise, Deep Dish
  18. Deep Dish Stripped Bare Mix 9:51
  19. Deep Dish Assian Mix 9:26
  20. From the 12" promotional record / Remix by Deep Dish
    Additional tracks:
  1. What's Love Got To Do With It 3:48
  2. Taken from the album 'Private Dancer'
  3. Better Be Good To Me (Edit) 3:40
  4. Taken from the 7" single
  5. Nutbush City Limits (90's Version) 3:44
  6. Taken from the album 'Simply The Best'
  7. Goldeneye (Live) 5:20
  8. Missing You (Live) 4:10
  9. From the 5" digipack / Produced by Dave Natale / Recorded live in Amsterdam 1996
Tina Turner - In Your Wildest Dreams - Single

The original music video features claymation versions of Tina and Barry White in comical situations with cameos by Antonio Banderas and Wallace and Gromit. Unfortunately, because Barry White did not agree with this version, it was only shown for a short time and was then replaced with a live video, taken from Tina’s concert at the Amsterdam Arena.

Claymation Version
: Aardman Animation Studios
Release: Never officially released
Time: 4:01

Live Version
: David Mallet
Release: Live In Amsterdam
Time: 3:45

Tina Turner - In Your Wildest Dreams - Music Video (Claymation)

Billboard - November 30, 1996

The second single from Turner’s current „Wildest Dreams“ set pits her feline purr against White’s seductive growl on top of a slow and shuffling funk groove. Jeepmeister Joe refuels the Anglo-leaning album version with a hip-hop flavor that renders it a viable radio contender, while Deep Dish reinvents the song as a silky house music journey that could even make the grade with popsters. The single also features Turner’s duet with Antonio Banderas, which previously was only available in the U.K. This version is actually a bit sexier, riddled with ear-grabbing electro-pop riffs. Check out both versions and pick your fave.

Billboard - April 12, 1997

Wallace and Gromit creators on the rise ….. the company recently returned to the music video business with Tina Turner’s „In Your Wildest Dreams,“ featuring Barry White. The single peaked at No. 34 on the Billboard Hot R&B singles chart in January. But the clip rarely has been seen because White didn’t care for the clay model of himself in the video. „Tina wanted us to do the video based on seeing Wallace And Gromit,“ says Sproxton. „She loved the video, but it was heavily censored because of White's objections.“

Tina Turner - In Your Wildest Dreams - Single

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