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I, Tina - My Life Story (1986)

Tina Turner - I, Tina (My Life Story) - Book

I, Tina - My Life Story is Tina Turner’s first official biography from 1986, written together with the American journalist Kurt Loder. It tells Tina’s life story from her childhood until her comeback with Private Dancer. Included are several never before released photographs. The book became a worldwide best-seller and led to the movie What's Love Got To Do With It in 1993, starring Angela Bassett as Tina. In 1999, Ike Turner released his own autobiography Takin' Back My Name, which is a rebuttal of the image presented of him in this book and the movie.

Written: Tina Turner, Kurt Loder
PhotographerHerb Ritts
: 1986
Pages: 350
Format: Hardcover, Paperback
Language: English, German ...

  1. Nut Bush
  2. The End Of A Childhood
  3. First Love
  4. Clarksdale
  5. A Fool In Love
  6. Los Angeles
  7. On The Road
  8. River Deep
  9. At The Low Point
  10. Loving You Too Long
  11. Recuperate
  12. The Great Escape
  13. Independent Day
  14. The Way Back
  15. Sensational Success

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