TINA: Duet

David Bowie (1984 - '87)

Tina Turner & David Bowie - Duet

Live in Birmingham (NEC) 1985

David Bowie was an English singer-songwriter and actor and a leading figure in the music industry. In 1984, David invited Tina for a duet on the title track of his album Tonight, released also as a single. One year later, Tina invited David to perform as a special guest at her Private Dancer Tour on March 23, 1985 at the NEC in Birmingham. This live version of Tonight was released as a single as well in 1988, taken from the album Live In Europe. In 1987, David and Tina produced together a Pepsi commercial with a short version of the song „Modern Love“.

  1. Tonight 3:46
  2. Written by David Bowie, Iggy Pop / Produced by: David Bowie, Derek Bramble & Hugh Padgham / Single release in 1984
    March 23, 1985 / Private Dancer Tour
  1. Tonight (Live)
  2. Let's Dance (Live)
    1987 / Pepsi Commercial
  1. Modern Love

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