TINA: Album (Studio)

Acid Queen (1975)

Tina Turner - Acid Queen - Album

Acid Queen is the second solo album while Tina was still married with Ike Turner. All songs from the a-side are covers of famous rock songs from The Rolling Stones, The Who and Led Zeppelin, while all songs from the b-side are Ike Turner compositions. The title track is a re-recorded version from the Tommy soundtrack. Baby, Get It On, the first from four singles, was Ike & Tina's very last chart success before they separated. Beside other artists, Kim Carnes did the backing vocals on some tracks, as well as Rod Taylor on Whole Lotta Love. Tina performed Acid Queen live in the late concerts from Ike & Tina as well as at most of her solo concerts. Live versions are available on the home video Nice ’N' Rough from 1982 and One Last Time from 2000. The album was reissued on compact disc from EMI Records with some bonus tracks in 1991.

Producer: Denny Diante & Spencer Proffer / Ike Turner (only b-side)
Photographer: Randy Green (back)
: Bob Cato
: August 1975 / Various (Reissue) / November 2023 (Digital)
Label: United Artists / EMI (CD)
Format: Vinyl / Cartridge / Cassette / CD / Digital
Charts: USA: #39 (R&B) / Australia: #75

    Side A
  1. Under My Thumb 3:19
  2. Written by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards / Single in 1977
  3. Let’s Spend The Night Together 2:50
  4. Written by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
  5. Acid Queen 3:01
  6. Written by Pete Townshend / Single in 1976
  7. I Can See For Miles 2:52
  8. Written by Pete Townshend
  9. Whole Lotta Love 5:23
  10. Written by Jimmy Page, Robert Plant / Single in 1975
    Side B
  1. Baby, Get It On 5:33
  2. Written by Ike Turner / Single in 1975
  3. Bootsey Whitelaw 5:05
  4. Written by Ike Turner
  5. Pick Me Tonight 3:13
  6. Written by Ike Turner
  7. Rockin’ And Rollin’ 3:58
  8. Written by Ike Turner
    CD Bonus Tracks
  1. I Know 3:22
  2. Written by Barbara George
  3. Crazy Bout' You Baby 3:26
  4. Written by W. Williamson
  5. I've Been Loving You Too Long 3:55
  6. Written by O. Redding, J. Butler
Tina Turner - Acid Queen - Album

Billboard - August 30, 1975

Ms. Turner's much talked about British LP turns out to be one side material from the Rolling Stones, Who and Led Zeppelin and one side lke Turner originals. The first side, featuring the artist's distinctive interpretation of some of the more standard British rock bands should bring in the pop and soul crowds, while the flip should hold the attention of long time Ike & Tina fans. Strong production from Denny Diante, Spencer Proffer (and Ike on side two) with top Los Angeles session men Ed Greene and Tom Scott among the guests. Ms. Turner's gruff vocals are perfect for the raucous British material she has chosen, while side two, though soul oriented, should also reach the pop fans with its strong Sid Sharp string arrangements.

Tina Turner - Acid Queen - Album

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