TINA: Guest Vocals (Soundtrack)

Zabou (1987)

Tina Turner - Zabou - Soundtrack Album

Zabou is a German soundtrack album with the original version of the song A Change Is Gonna Come, produced from the B.E.F. team. In 1988, a live version from the Live In Europe album was released as a single in Europe and a remixed version can be found on the sampler Music of Quality and Distinction (Vol. 2) from 1991. EMI Records released also a 7“ promo single for radio stations.

Release: 1987
Label: EMI
Format: Vinyl / Cassette / CD / 7“ vinyl (Promo)

  1. A Change Is Gonna Come 4:09
  2. Written by Sam Cooke / Produced by Martyn Ware, Ian Craig Walsh / Promo in 1987

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