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Winfield Cup (1987 - 2020)

Tina Turner - Winfield Cup - TV

The Winfield Cup was an Australian rugby league trophy, awarded from 1982 until 1995. Tina Turner was the face, voice and big spiky hair from 1989 to 1995 with several commercials, special releases and the appearance at the Grand Final in 1993, where she performed her anthem The Best in Sydney's football stadium on September 26. After the match, she presented the victor's trophy to Allan Langer and joined in Brisbane's post-game victory song. There was also a special release with the Grand Final Edition, including remixes of The Best, which became the theme tune for the Rugby League since 1990. In 1992, Tina re-recorded it together with Jimmy Barnes under the slightly different title Simply The Best, which was also used in a commercial. For the campaign in 1995, Tina climbed to the top of the Harbour Bridge at dawn, wearing high heels. After 30 years, The Best was once again the theme of the NRL in 2020 with a new commercial including footage of Tina's appearance at the Grand Final in 1993.

  1. What You Get Is What You See
  2. Commercial 1989
  3. The Best (Version 1 & 2)
  4. Commercial 1990
  5. The Best
  6. Commercial 1991
  7. Simply The Best (Tina & Jimmy Barnes)
  8. Commercial 1993
  9. The Best
  10. Commercial 1994
  11. The Best
  12. Commercial 1995
  13. The Best
  14. Commercial 2020
Tina Turner - Winfield Cup - TV

I am thrilled, the NRL is still excited about „Simply The Best“ and will use it again after 30 years. To see the song being celebrated and the campaign re-launched is very humbling.

To this day, I have very fond memories of the campaign and the grand final performance. I can still remember climbing to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at dawn to film the commercial.

The grand final was my first rugby league game and I’ve never forgotten it. I wish the NRL all the best with the campaign.

Tina Turner

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Thirty years after it became rugby league’s anthem, the NRL has again opted for „Simply The Best“ for its 2020 marketing campaign.

Tina Turner’s smash hit will be used in a two-minute advertisement for the upcoming season, which will also be cut into 30 and 60-second adverts. Turner consented to the campaign and was impressed when she viewed the advert for the first time.

The celebration of the 30 years since Simply The Best was used for rugby league will add an element of nostalgia and romance and raise hopes that the NRL is poised for another golden era.

The return of Turner’s anthem has been a long time in the making. There were attempts to remake the advertisement for its 10th and 20th anniversaries, but a deal was never struck. This time, after an extended period of negotiations, the NRL has made it happen.

Footy fans can expect the old Turner hit to be given plenty of airtime. Nine, the publishers of The Sun-Herald, have used the anthem, as well as previous footage of Turner performing, as part of their promotional campaign for the upcoming season. The ad features snippets of commentary from another voice synonomous with rugby league, veteran caller Ray Warren.

Jimmy Barnes has also recorded a new version of „Simply the Best“ for Fox Sports’ new ad campaign, which was filmed in the construction zone that is currently Allianz Stadium. And Melbourne forward Dale Finucane will play an acoustic version of the song during the NRL’s official season launch at The Venu’ at Alexandria on Thursday.

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