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De Willem Ruis Lotto Show (1982)

Tina Turner - De Willem Ruis Lotto Show - TV

Tina & Willem Ruis

De Willem Ruis Lotto Show was a Dutch TV game show, aired from 1981 until 1984, hosted by Willem Ruis. Tina was guest in 1982, where Willem announced her with modified lyrics of the song „Hit The Road Jack,“ which was originally written by Percy Mayfield and a 1961 hit single from Ray Charles. After Tina’s appearance on stage, they finished the song together as a duet. Tina promoted also the single Shame, Shame, Shame, which is curiously an Ike & Tina Turner recording and performed the remixed disco version of the song. Both songs were performed lipsynced, in which „Hit The Road Jack“ was recorded in advance.

March 26, 1982
Hit The Road Jack (Live with Willem Ruis) / Shame Shame Shame (Live)

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