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When The Heartache Is Over

is a pop / dance song and was the lead single from the album Twenty Four Seven in 1999. It was produced by Metro, the same team behind Chers #1 single „Believe“. The song is Tina’s most remixed song ever with regular remixes from 7th District, Metro and Hex Hector as well as a lot of other DJ mixes. Tina performed it live at her birthday special Celebrate! and the Twenty Four Seven Tour, available on home video. The British band Freemasons used the lyrics from the chorus in 2005 for their single „Love On My Mind“.

Writer: Graham Stack, John Reid
Producer: Brian Rawling, Mark Taylor
Album: Twenty Four Seven (1999) / Twenty Four Seven (Tour Edition) (2000)
Single: When The Heartache Is Over (1999)
Video: Celebrate! (1999) / One Last Time (2000)
Charts: UK: #10 / Europe: #16, #2 (Airplay) / Germany: #23 / USA: #3 (Club Play)

  1. When The Heartache Is Over 3:44
  2. From the album 'Twenty Four Seven'
    Engineered by Mark Taylor / Keyboards and Programming: Mark Taylor, Graham Stack / Guitars: Graham Stack / Backing Vocals: Tracy Ackerman, Andy Blackwood / Recorded & Mixed at Dreamhouse Studios, London
  3. When The Heartache Is Over (Live) 3:48
  4. From the album 'Twenty Four Seven (Tour Edition)' with a concert from London, UK in 1999 / Taken from the 'Celebrate!' birthday special
  5. 7th District Club Mix 5:11
  6. Metro Mix 5:44
  7. Hex Hector 12" Instrumental 6:46
  8. Hex Hector 12" Just Drums Mix 5:00
  9. Hex Hector 12" Vocal Mix 8:28
  10. Hex Hector 7" Vocal Mix 3:26
  11. Hex Hector Acapella 4:06
  12. Superchumbo Mix 9:35
  13. From the 1999 single and promo release / Remixed by 7th District, Metro, Hex Hector

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