Typical Male (1986)

Tina Turner - Typical Male - Single

Typical Male is the first single from the album Break Every Rule. The pop song was written and produced by Terry Britten and Graham Lyle - the same team behind the #1 hit What’s Love Got To Do With It . Tina promoted it at several tv shows and performed it live at her Break Every Rule Tour and once again in 2008 / '09 at her 50th Anniversary Tour. Live versions are availbale on the album Live In Europe from 1988 and the TINA Live home video from 2009. The previously unreleased b-side song „Don’t Turn Around“ was reissued on the box set The Collected Recordings in 1994.

Writer: Terry Britten, Graham Lyle
Producer: Terry Britten
Photographer: by Herb Ritts
Design: Stylorouge
Release: August 1986
Label: Capitol / EMI
Format: 7“ Vinyl / 12“ Vinyl (picture) / Cassette 
Charts: USA: #2 / Germany: #3 / Europe: #5, #2 (airplay) / UK: #33 / Spain: #1 / Finland: #1
Grammy: Best Female Pop Vocal Performance (Nomination 1987)

7“ Vinyl Single
  1. Typical Male 4:18
  2. Written by Terry Britten, Graham Lyle / Produced by Terry Britten
  3. Don’t Turn Around 4:17
  4. Written by Diane Warren, Albert Hammond / Produced by Bryan Adams, Bob Clearmountain
12“ Vinyl Maxi / Cassingle
Side A
  1. Typical Male (Dance Mix) 7:17
  2. Typical Male (Album Version) 4:18
Side B
  1. Typical Male (Dub Mix) 6:28
  2. Don’t Turn Around 4:17
  1. Typical Male (Ultimix) 6:39
  2. Edit by Les Massengale
EMI (Germany)

Tina Turner is a phenomenon. After more than twenty years in show business — she founded Ike & Tina Turner in the early sixties, separated from husband Ike in the mid-seventies and launched a solo career — the singer and entertainer managed with the album „Private Dancer“ (1984) the long-overdue worldwide breakthrough. „Private Dancer“ sold in Germany more than one million copies and includes six hit singles. This was followed by a gigantic tour on both sides of the atlantic and a spectacular appearance at last year's Live Aid concert. Typical Male is the first Tina Turner single of 1986, a pre-release from the brand new album „Break Every Rule“. Typical Male comes from the songwriter-team Terry Britten / Graham Lyle, which also wrote „What's Love Got to Do With It“ from the „Private Dancer“ album. The allrounder Terry Britten also played bass, guitar and produced the single. Responsible for the saxophone solo on Typical Male is muscle man Tim Cappello and Phil Collins played the drums. Chart success is guaranteed - so to speak!


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Tina Turner - Typical Male - SingleTina Turner - Typical Male - SingleTina Turner - Typical Male - SingleTina Turner - Typical Male - SingleTina Turner - Typical Male - SingleTina Turner - Typical Male - SingleTina Turner - Typical Male - SingleTina Turner - Typical Male - Single
Music Video

The music video shows Tina in a red mini dress, trying to get the attention of a lawyer. She plays chess and scrabble with him, dancing around a giant black shoe and pushing him high into the air by jumping on a giant telephone headpiece seesaw. At the end, Tina and the lawyer walking away while holding hands. The clip was originally released on the What You See Is What You Get home video on VHS, but is still waiting for a release on DVD. Curiously, on the Simply The Best video collection it was replaced with a live version, taken from the Do You Want Some Action! home video.

Director: Brian Grant
Producer: Frank Hilton
Home VideoWhat You See Is What You Get (VHS)
Time: 4:18

Tina Turner - Typical Male - Music Video
Tina Turner - Typical Male - Music VideoTina Turner - Typical Male - Music VideoTina Turner - Typical Male - Music Video

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