TINA: Promo (Interview)

Twenty Four Seven (1999)

Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven (Interview) - Promo

Twenty Four Seven (Interview) is a radio interview in which Tina talks about the new songs of her album Twenty Four Seven, the producers and her tour plans. The interview is divided in 14 cuts (total duration 11 minutes) and was taken at various locations in America. It was released in a cardboard sleeve with an inlet featuring all questions as well as all ins and outs and durations of Tina’s answers.

Release: 1999
Label: Parlophone
Format: CD
AlbumTwenty Four Seven

  1. Was this new album always in the master plan? 0:56
  2. What's the album called? 0:35
  3. What about the style of the record? 0:38
  4. You've been working with some new producers...? 1:10
  5. Any singles on this album? 0:31
  6. As well as dance stuff, surely there are ballads…? 0:25
  7. How did you meet up Johnny Douglas? 1:32
  8. You're happy to be back with Terry Britten? 0:28
  9. Any more stuff with Terry Britten? 0:25
  10. Segue to…? 0:24
  11. Can we hope to see any guests? 0:30
  12. Has the Tina Turner audience changed? 0:34
  13. This must mean a new tour? 0:51
  14. So, who's in the band? 1:25
Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven (Interview) - Promo

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