TINA: Promo (Album Box Set)

Twenty Four Seven (1999)

Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven (Box) - Promo

Twenty Four Seven (Box) is a special European promotional box set with a pull-out slipcase. It features the original Twenty Four Seven album on compact disc in a gatefold cardboard sleeve with the tracks written on the label. The EPK on VHS video shows Tina in the recording studio, different interviews with her and the producers of the album and the When The Heartache Is Over video recording. A six page booklet tells the story about the new album and some other facts and in addition, there are two promo pictures.

Release: 1999
Label: Parlophone
Format: CD, VHS
AlbumTwenty Four Seven

  1. Whatever You Need 4:49
  2. All The Woman 4:03
  3. When The Heartache Is Over 3:44
  4. Absolutely Nothing’s Changed 3:43
  5. Talk To My Heart 5:09
  6. Don’t Leave Me This Way 4:20
  7. Go Ahead 4:20
  8. Without You 4:07
  9. Falling 4:22
  10. I Will Be There 4:37
  11. Twenty Four Seven 3:48
Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven (Box) - Promo
  1. Whatever You Need
  2. Over "On Silent Wings" video
  3. When The Heartache Is Over
  4. Don't Leave Me This Way
  5. With Mark Taylor from Metro in the studio
  6. Absolutely Nothing’s Changed
  7. Falling
  8. With Terry Britten in the studio
  9. Go Ahead
  10. Whatever You Need
  11. With Johnny Douglas in the studio
  12. Twenty Four Seven
  13. Tina is choosing promo pictures
  14. Without You
  15. Over "It's Only Love" video
  16. Wildest Dreams Tour
  17. Live in Amsterdam / Interviews
  18. When The Heartache Is Over
  19. Making the video with director Paul Boyd

    Duration: 19:48
Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven (Box) - Promo

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