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Twenty Four Seven (1999)

Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven - Album

Twenty Four Seven is the tenth and very last studio album from Tina Turner. Actually, Tina wanted only a greatest hits album and planned an elaborate co-headlining tour with Elton John. But during the rehearsals for the VH-1 special Divas Live, Tina wasn’t happy with the band, stopped everyone from playing and instructed John how to play Proud Mary. Elton went into a rage, which he apologized for later. Because of this, Tina canceled all common activities and decided with her manager Roger Davies to record her final studio album in London. The songs were written by various songwriters, including the Bee Gees and Tina’s longtime friend Terry Britten. It was first released in Europe, following the American release three month later, after Tina performed live at the Super Bowl presume ceremony on January 30.

Tina recorded also the Marvin Gaye classic „I Heard It Through The Grapevine“ for this album, but the song doesn’t made it to the final tracklist. Beside different versions of the songs „All The Woman“ and „Talk To My Heart,“ it’s only available on a very hard to find internal pre-release CD. However, Tina added the song to the setlist of her Twenty Four Seven Tour, available on the One Last Time home video.

For promotion, Parlophone Records released a 5-track Sampler with selected tracks and an Interview Disc in which Tina talks about the new songs, producers and her tour plans. Last but not least, an additional Box Set features the original album on compact disc, a VHS video with an EPK, a booklet and two promo pictures. The Launch Party for the album was on October 27 in Paris with a press conference and the performance of three songs live on stage at the Buddha Bar. In America, Tina performed at the Super Bowl with a Press Conference in advance.

Photographer: Herb Ritts
MakeupKevyn Aucoin
Design: Jeremy Plumb @ Vent
Release: November 01, 1999 (Europe) / February 2000 (USA)
Label: Parlophone (Europe) / Virgin (USA)
Format: CD / Cassette / MiniDisc / Digital
Charts: Germany: #3 / UK: #9 / Europe: #3 / USA: #21
Certifications: UK: 1x Gold, 1x Platinum / Germany: 1x Gold, 1x Platinum / USA: 1x Gold

Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven - Album
  1. Whatever You Need 4:49
  2. Written by Harriet Roberts, Russell Courtenay / Produced by Johnny Douglas / Single in 1999
  3. All The Woman 4:03
  4. Written by Paul Wilson, Andy Watkins, Tracy Ackerman / Produced by Absolute
  5. When The Heartache Is Over 3:44
  6. Written by Graham Stack, John Reid / Produced by Brian Rowling, Mark Taylor for Metro / Single in 1999
  7. Absolutely Nothing’s Changed 3:43
  8. Written by Terry Britten, John O'Kane / Produced by Terry Britten
  9. Talk To My Heart 5:09
  10. Written by Johnny Douglas, Graham Lyle / Produced by Johnny Douglas / Promo in 2000
  11. Don’t Leave Me This Way 4:20
  12. Written by Paul Barry, Mark Taylor, Brian Rawling / Produced by Brian Rowling, Mark Taylor for Metro / Single in 2000
  13. Go Ahead 4:20
  14. Written by James House, Anthony Little / Produced by Johnny Douglas
  15. Without You 4:07
  16. Written by Paul Wilson, Andy Watkins, Shernette May / Produced by Absolute
  17. Falling 4:22
  18. Written by Tim Fraser, Sol Connoll / Produced by Terry Britten
  19. I Will Be There 4:37
  20. Written by Barry, Robin, Maurice Gibb / Produced by Absolute
  21. Twenty Four Seven 3:48
  22. Written by Terry Britten, Charlie Dore / Produced by Terry Britten / Promo in 2000
Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven - Album

Billboard - February 05, 2000

For „Twenty Four Seven,“ Turner delivers a sterling collection that deftly treks across a beat-savvy terrain. The singer has aligned herself with such dancefloor-conscious remixers / producers as the Absolute and Metro, who have produced for Spice Girls and Cher, respectively. On the opening track „Whatever You Need,“ midtempo rhythms and heartfelt strings provide the perfect backdrop for Turner’s emotional delivery. Other highlights include the rock-etched „Without You," which features a cameo from Bryan Adams; the shuffling „I Will Be There,“ a never-before recorded Bee Gees track; the harmonica-drenched title track; and the set's first single „When The Heartache Is Over,“ which is a reminiscent of Cher's „Believe“ - both musically and lyrically. A hit throughout Europe, „Heartache“ is poised to repeat the process in the.U.S. That is, if radio would open it's ear's!

Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven - Album

Eurocharts - October 30, 1999

TINA - Twenty Four Seven - Her Brand New Album Out Now - Featuring The No. 1 Airplay Hit "When The Heartache Is Over" - Album Gold In 8 European Countries On Release, And Top 10 In The U.K., Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland and Norway.

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