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The Real T. (1998)

Tina Turner - The Real T. - Book

The Real T & Me is a must buy for all Tina Turner fans! The most intimate portrayal of Turner’s transformative years by her employee, friend, confidant, housemate and travel companion. Tina Turner is one of the greatest rock stars the world has ever seen. Everyone knows the story of her abusive marriage to Ike Turner and of her remarkable struggle to escape and build a new life. But nobody knew Tina’s story during those years like Eddy Armani. For twenty-two years Eddy was present for all of it. Over the many years they lived and traveled together, Eddy witnessed Tina’s climb from near poverty to the glamorous life of a major celebrity. This book was originally published 25 years ago in the UK under a slightly different title is now revised and updated also available for the first time in America.

Writer: Eddy Hampton Armani
Release: May 1998 / October 17, 2023
Publisher: John Blake
Pages: 420 / 360 (new Edition)
Format: Hardcover
Language: English

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