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The Real T. (1998)

Tina Turner - The Real T. - Book

For 22 years, Eddy Hampton Armani was Tina Turner's confidante, personal assistant and best friend. It was Eddie who consoled her through passionate relationships with such stars as David Bowie. It was Eddy who comforted her through three plastic surgery operations to improve her breasts, several nose jobs and painful leg surgery. When Tina bleached her hair so severely and developed bald spots, it was Eddy who helped her cover the damage with elaborate wigs. Now, the gloves are off, and Eddy's talking. Read about the real story filled with humor, pain, sorrow and betrayal.

Writer: Eddy Hampton Armani
Release: May 1998
Publisher: John Blake
Pages: 420
Format: Hardcover
Language: English

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