TINA: Book (Biography)

The Incredible Life and Music (2020)

Tina Turner - The Incredible Life and Music - Book

The Incredible Life and Music is an extended exploration of the magical transformation of shy country girl Anna Mae Bullock into the boisterous force of nature we know today as Tina Turner. This is creative alchemy in action: turning into Turner is actually also the captivating tale of someone who was already precociously there, a stellar talent just waiting to emerge and grab the global spotlight. Far from the early myths attached to her name by association with her talented but tormenting producer-husband, she was not a Svengali-like creation at all, but rather a fully formed, if vulnerable, young musical prodigy who was going to burst out of the creative shell imposed upon her one way or the other. Even though it took sixteen years to do so, her second career as a solo pop artist is the achievement for which she is rightly remembered.

Writer: Donald Brackett
Release: November 2020
Publisher: Backbeat Records
Pages: 248
Format: Paperback
Language: English

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