TINA: Song

The Game Of Love

is a song from the rock band Santana, first released on their album „Shaman“ in 2002 with lead vocals by Michelle Branch. The track was originally recorded with Tina Turner, but because she refused to participate in making a music video, Michelle was invited to record a new version. Tina’s version was included as a bonus on the greatest hits complilation Ultimate Santana in 2007.

Writer: Alex Ander and Rick Nowels
Producer: Alex Ander & Rick Nowels
Album: Ultimate Santana (2007)

Santana - Ultimate Santana - Album
  1. The Game Of Love 4:18

Carlos Santana

There's only one Tina Turner...No one can hit a note like Tina Turner" - "I love Michelle and she did a great interpretation of it. It's just that with all honor and respect to Michelle, there's the girl and there's the woman, and Michelle is unfolding into a woman...but it takes time to go from a girl into a woman.