TINA: Album (Live)

The Early Years (2019)

Tina Turner - The Early Years - Album

The Early Years features a complete concert from the Rockefeller music venue in Houston, Texas on April 25, 1983, broadcasted on the radio. Tina performed many new songs like the Foreigner cover „Night Live,“ the David Bowie song „Cat People“ and „Hollywood Nights“ from Bob Seger. There is also a very rare version of the track „Take A Little Pain,“ written by Tina’s longtime friend Eddy Armani. Eddy ran the Ike & Tina Turner fanclub and was her personal wardrobe assistant before her comeback. He also wrote the book The Real T in 1998. The album features also an absolutely wonderful version of the song „Rock’n Roll Widow,“ which Tina performed in her concerts since 1982. She promoted it also at the Johnny Carson Tonight Show and recorded a studio version, used for the b-side of the single Help in Europe and What’s Love Got To Do With It in America. This album was reissued in 2023 under the different title „Rock’n Roll Queen“ with a different cover in memory of Tina Turner.

Release: February 2019 / August 2023 (Reissue)
Label: Laser Media
Format: CD (Picture)

  1. Cat People (Putting Out The Fire) (Live) 4:43
  2. Written by Giorgio Moroder, David Bowie
  3. Acid Queen (Live) 2:26
  4. Written by Pete Townsend
  5. River Deep, Mountain High (Live) 4:18
  6. Written by Phil Spector, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich
  7. Hot Legs (Live) 2:57
  8. Written by Gary Grainger, Rod Stewart
  9. Get Back (Live) 3:44
  10. Written by Paul McCartney, John Lennon
  11. Take A Little Pain (Live) 2:57
  12. Written by Eddy Armani
  13. Rock'n Roll Widow (Live) 4:27
  14. Written by Tom Snow
  15. Nutbush City Limits (Live) 2:54
  16. Written by Tina Turner
  17. Givin'It Up For Your Love (Live) 5:39
  18. Written by Jerry Lynn Williams
  19. Night Life (Live) 3:27
  20. Written by Lou Gramm, Mick Jones
  21. Help (Live) 5:02
  22. Written by John Lennon, Paul McCartney
  23. Proud Mary (Live) 8:05
  24. Written by John C. Fogerty
  25. Music Keeps Me Dancing (Live) 3:20
  26. Written by Lenny Macaluso, Pat Summerson
  27. Hollywood Nights (Live) 10:37
  28. Written by Bob Seger
Tina Turner - The Early Years - Album

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