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The Best

is a rock song, originally released from Bonnie Tyler in 1988. One year later, Tina covered it for her album Foreign Affair and released it as the lead single. The song became Tina Turner's anthem, repeatedly used at various ceremonies and sport events and became the theme tune for the New South Wales Rugby League in Australia. Tina performed it live at every concert tour, available on many home videos. In 1992, she re-recorded the track together with Jimmy Barnes under the slightly different title (Simply) The Best.

Writer: Holly Knight, Mike Chapman
Producer: Dan Hartman, Tina Turner
Album: Foreign Affair (1989) / Wildest Dreams (Tour Edition) (1997) / Divas Live (1999) / TINA Live (2009) / Do You Want Some Action? (2021)
Single: The Best (1989) / Proud Mary (1994) / Don’t Leave Me This Way (2000)
Video: Do You Want Some Action? (1990) / What’s Love? Live (1994) / Live In Amsterdam (1997) / One Last Time (2000) / TINA Live (2009)
Charts (1989): Europe: #3, #1 (Airplay) / Germany: #4 / Australia: #4 / UK: #5 / USA: #15
Charts (2010): UK: #9 (2010)

  1. The Best 5:30
  2. From the album 'Foreign Affair'
    James Ralston: Rhythm Guitar / Gene Black: Rhythm Guitar / Dan Hartman: Acoustic Guitar and Keyboards / Pat Thrall: Power Theme Guitar / Phil Ashley: Keyboards and Bass Pulse / Elliot Lewis: Additional Theme Keyboards and Strings / Phillipe Saisse: Additional Bridge Keyboards / Edgar Winter: Sax Solo / T.M. Stevens: Bass / Art Wood: Drums / Lance Ellington, Tessa Niles and Dan Hartman: Backing Vocals / Arranged by Tina Turner / Recorded by Chris Lord-Alge
  3. The Best (Edit) 4:10
  4. The Best (Extended Mighty Mix) 6:36
  5. The Best (Extended Muscle Mix) 5:29
  6. The Best (Single Muscle Mix) 4:16
  7. From the single release / Additional production, mixes and edits by John Luongo for "The Office, Inc."
  8. The Best (Instrumental) 5:32
  9. Digital download
  10. The Best (DMC Remix) 4:54
  11. From the 'DMC' DJ-Sampler
  12. The Best (Ultrasound Extended Special Remix) 8:29
  13. From the DJ-Sampler 'Ultrasound Rare Remixes 15'
  14. The Best (Live) 5:40
  15. From the album 'Divas Live' with a concert at New Yorks Beacon Theatre on April 13, 1999
  16. The Best (Live) 5:22
  17. From the single 'Proud Mary' live from the Blockbuster Pavilion in San Bernardino, California on September 15, 1993
  18. The Best (Live) 7:14
  19. From the album 'Wildest Dreams (Tour Edition)' live from Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1996
  20. The Best (Live) 5:42
  21. From the single 'Don't Leave Me This Way' live from London in 1999
  22. The Best (Live) 5:07
  23. From the album 'TINA Live' with a concert at the GelreDome in Arnhem, Holland on March 21, 2009
    Warren McRae: Bass / Laurie Wisefield: Guitars, Vocals / Euge Groove: Saxophone, Percussion, Keyboards / Jack Bruno: Drums / Joel Campbell: Keyboards, Vocals / Ollie Marland: Musical Director, Keyboards, Vocals / John Miles: Guitar, Vocals / Stacy Campbell, Lisa Fisher: Backing Vocals
  24. The Best (Live) 5:47
  25. From the album 'Do You Want Some Action?' with a concert from Barcelona, Spain in 1990
    Ollie Marland: Keyboard, Vocals / Jack Bruno: Drums / Bob Feit: Guitar / Timmy Capello: Persussion, Keyboard, Saxophone, Vocals / James Ralston: Guitar, Vocals / Kenny Moore: Piano, Vocals / John Miles: Guitar, Vocals

From the 'Foreign Affair' promotional interview

I'm responsible for the arrangement on that one because I changed it a lot at the front the "dun, da, da, dun, da, da" all of that and so forth...and it's the best, that song, I was in LA at the time and everytime I was in my jeep driving I blasted it because it was the best, it was ohhhhh oh it makes you feel, even if you're not in love you feel so in love with that song, you just feel like someone is there that's the best, you know, when someone is really right, they're the best, it doesn't matter that they're not as pretty or as great or as rich as someone else it's like you're just the best. (good slang) That song is so good for so many feelings and so many situations and I had to have it, I wanted it.

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