Strange Fruit (1972)

Ike Turner - Strange Fruit - Album

Strange Fruit is an instrumental funk-rock-blues album from Ike Turner with his musicians „The Family Vibes,“ previously known as „The Kings of Rhythm“. In the early 70’s Ike started a new creative and artistic season and released four solo records - two credited to him and two credited to „The Family Vibes“. The album was originally released only on vinyl with a wonderful gatefold cover, but is still waiting for a release on compact disc.

Producer: Ike Turner
Recorded: Bolic Sound Studios, October 1971
Cover: Lockart
Release: 1972
Label: United Artists
Format: Vinyl (gatefold)

Side A
  1. Happy But Lonely 4:25
  2. Written by Aillene Bullock
  3. Heep-A-Hole-Lot 3:25
  4. Written by C. Lane
  5. Jumpin’ 2:28
  6. Written by S. L. Cushenberry
  7. Neckin’ 2:52
  8. Written by S. L. Cushenberry
  9. Bootie Lip 3:04
  10. Written by Aillene Bullock / Single release in 1972
Side B
  1. Soppin Molasses 2:25
  2. Written by Phillip Reese, C. Lane
  3. Sixty-Nine 2:36
  4. Written by S. L. Cushenberry
  5. Sweet 4:05
  6. Written by S. L. Cushenberry
  7. D.M.Z. 2:33
  8. Written by Aillene Bullock
  9. 1-8-1-2 (I Ate One Too) 3:09
  10. Written by Phillip Reese
  11. Pardon Me 2:50
  12. Written by C. Lane

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Ike Turner - Strange Fruit - AlbumIke Turner - Strange Fruit - AlbumIke Turner - Strange Fruit - Album

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