Tina - Chronology

1930 - 1959

Izear Luster „Ike“ Turner was born in Clarksdale on November 05, to Beatrice Cushenberry and Isaiah Luster Turner.

Around his eighth year, Turner began frequenting the local Clarksdale radio station WROX, which led to Ike being offered a job by the station manager as the DJ on the late-afternoon shift.

Anna Mae Bullock was born in Nutbush, Tennessee on November 26th as the second daughter of Zelma and Floyd Richard Bullock.

In high school, Ike joined a local rhythm ensemble called The Tophatters who played dances around Clarksdale. Members of the band included his school friends Raymond Hill, Eugene Fox and Clayton Love. At one point, The Tophatters split into two with one act becoming the Kings of Rhythm. B.B. King helped them to get a steady weekend gig and recommended them to Sam Phillips at Sun Studio.

Ike became a session musician and production assistant for Philips and the Bihari Brothers in Memphis, contributing his piano play to some B.B. King tracks and was also contracted as a talent scout.

At the age of eleven, Anna Mae's parents separated and her mother relocated to St. Louis. As her father married again in 1952 and moved to Detroit, Anna Mae and her sister were sent to live with their grandmother Georgeanna in Brownsville. After the death of her grandmother, Anna Mae went to her mother to St. Louis.

Ike and his band recorded the song Rocket 88. Jackie Brenston did the lead vocals, while Ike played piano. Phillips sold the recording to Chess in Chicago, who released it under the name „Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats“. The record sold approximately half a million copies, while Ike was paid only $20.

lke Turner's Kings of Rhythm have settled in East St. Louis, establishing his group as one of the most highly rated on the St. Louis club circuit.

Anna Mae and her sister Aillene are regulars at R&B clubs. Anna has been singing since childhood in church and repeatedly asks lke if she can sing with his band, but he is not interested. One evening at the club, Tina takes to the stage during an intermission. Impressed by her voice, Ike Turner invited her to join the band, giving her the stage name Little Ann. Later that year, she contributes background vocals on Ike's record Box Top for Tune Town Records and gave birth to band member Raymond Hill's son Craig.

1960 - 1969

Their first record as lke and Tina Turner comes about by accident when the session singer booked to record lke's A Fool In Love does not show up and Tina steps in. Ike took also Lassiter's backup singers, the Artettes (Robbie Montgomery, Frances Hodges and Sandra Harding) to accompany Tina at the recording session. Already an R&B success, it’s also the duo's first crossover hit, reaching US #27. lke's band becomes the lke & Tina Turner Revue and three female backing singers, the first incarnation of The Ikettes (consisting of Robbie Montgomery, Jessie Smith and Venetta Fields) are incorporated to support Tina.

It's Gonna Work Out Fine is Ike & Tina's first US top 20 hit, reaching #14 (and R&B #2).

The singles Tra La La La La (US #50 and R&B #9) and You Should'a Treated Me Right (US #89) are the duo’s last pop hits for Sue Records. A pattern of R&B successes that do not always cross over is developing. The Ike and Tina Turner Revue will be one of the most popular acts of the 60's on the R&B tour circuit, but will consistently break to wider audiences towards the end of the decade.

The Ike Turner written song I’m Blue (The Gong-Gong Song) is the first and very successful solo single from the Ikettes, reaching #19 Pop and #3 R&B, following three more singles on the Atco label.

Release of the first Ikettes album called Soul The Hits and four singles on the Modern label, including the very successful tracks Peaches 'N' Cream and „I’m So Thankful“. When Peaches 'N' Cream exploded, Ike sent a different set of Ikettes on the road for promotion and kept Montgomery, Smith, and Fields on tour with the Revue. This caused much annoyance to the original Ikettes and they left Ike and Tina in late 1965. After trying unsuccessfully to continue using their name under management of Tina's sister Alline Bullock, they changed it to The Mirettes.

While moving around in one-off record deals with independent labels like lnnis and Pompeii, Ike & Tina meet producer Phil Spector, who offers lke $20,000 to put Tina under a production contract. Spector admires Tina's voice but is underwhelmed by lke's production of her records, so the payment is part of a condition that lke take no part in the sessions. Songwriters Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich are called in to pen songs. Tina records her vocal on River Deep, Mountain High after Spector has already spent over $22,000 creating the "wall of sound" backing track. Released on Spector’s Philles label, River Deep, Mountain High climbs no higher than US #88. By contrast, it is a major UK success (the duo's first hit there), hitting #3. European fans start their long love affair with Tina.

Warner Bros. releases the earlier track Tell Her l’m Not Home in the UK and this too charts, reaching #48. After years as an R&B enthusiasts' act in Europe and the UK, the Turners are suddenly considered major stars, but still restricted to the R&B circuit in the US. They begin a UK tour as support to The Rolling Stones, playing a major London date at the Royal Albert Hall and appearing on UK TV's Ready, Steady, Go! Tina enjoys her short time in London and vows one day to live there. The UK follow up (not released in the US) from the same sessions as River Deep, a revival of a Martha & The Vandellas' b-side, A Love Like Yours, reaches UK #16.

River Deep, Mountain High is re-issued in the UK and reaches #33. The duo signs a two-LP deal with Blue Thumb records, cutting mainly blues based material and also a longer-term contract with Minit, the R&B subsidiary of Liberty Records. A revival of Otis Reddings I've Been Loving You Too Long on Blue Thumb peaks at US #68. The duo supports The Rolling Stones on a US tour, which opens in Denver, Colorado.

1970 - 1979

A revival of Sly & The Family Stones I Want To Take You Higher is their first hit on Liberty Records. It reaches US #34 and will become a highlight of the Turners' live act. With a wider audience profile, The lke and Tina Turner Revue guests on variety shows hosted by Ed Sullivan and Andy Williams. They also pick up unhip but lucrative work in Las Vegas casinos.

An R&B-style revival of Creedence Clearwater Revival's Proud Mary is their first US top ten hit at #4, and also their first million-selling single. lt is taken from the LP Workin’ Together, which is their biggest selling LP to date in the US, peaking at #25. The double live LP Live At Carnegie Hall / What You Hear ls What You Get reaches US #25 and is the duo's first gold LP, selling over half a million copies in the US.

The success of the Ike and Tina Turner Revue gave Ike the finances to built his own recording studio Bolic Sound, a reference to Tina's maiden name Bullock.

The last two singles credited to the Ikettes were released on the United Artists label. Edna Lejeune Richardson returned to the group (she later became a backup dancer for Tina during her solo years).

Tina's composition, the stomping Nutbush City Limits reaches US #22 and hits UK #4. Like River Deep, Mountain High, it becomes an immediate classic with her British and European fans.

Tina begins filming the role of the Acid Queen in The Who’s film Tommy and with Tina Turns the Country On she releases her very first solo album.

Release of the second and last Ikettes album (G)Old & New, including reworked versions of previously released songs and some new tracks.

The lke Turner penned Baby, Get It On is the duo's last hit together.

Because of Ike Turner's excessive drug abuse and strengthened by her new found Buddhist faith, Tina walks out on lke on July 2, 1976. She has four children to support and after depending for a time on food stamps, she recruits a band and plays cabaret gigs. Ike struggled to find success as a solo artist and replaced Tina with Holly Maxwell.

Rough is the first solo album after leaving Ike, which features almost rock songs, but did not very well. To pay her debts, Tina is on the road with her Wild Lady Of Rock concerts in hotels and small clubs.

Because her second solo album Love Explosion also failed on the charts, Tina lost her recording deal in America. Late in the year, she meets Roger Davies, a young Australian manager trying to make it in the US music business. She is playing the cabaret circuit and is half a million dollars in debt. 

1980 - 1989

Tina teams with Davies, who makes changes in her band and books her into less middle-of-the-road-oriented clubs, with the occasional Las Vegas stand to pay the bills. Record company interest is minimal, partly because lke's difficult reputation lingers with Tina. Ike was arrested 10 times during the 80’s for drug and firearm offenses.

Ike’s Bolic Sound studio burned down in a fire in January 1981. Tina's career prospects brighten again as she supports The Rolling Stones on tour. In December, she also supports Rod Stewart at a Los Angeles Forum concert, broadcast live by satellite around the world.

Davies has a call from Virgin Records in the UK. Ian Craig Marsh and Martyn Ware of Heaven 17 and the British Electric Foundation want Tina to sing The Temptations' song Ball of Confusion on their LP Music of Quality & Distinction. With it’s electronic backdrop, it is not the kind of rock she now wants to record, but the finished track brings her renewed notice as an active vocalist.

Roger works out a new solo recording deal with Capitol / EMI and promotes a series of dates at the Ritz club in New York, building up a guest list of notables. David Bowie, who has just signed to EMI, meets top executives from around the world at a listening party for his forthcoming LP „Let's Dance“. When Bowie announces to the party that he is moving on to see his favorite singer, Tina Turner, EMI executives follow and witness a storming comeback show. From this moment, Tina will never look back.

Marsh and Ware-produced version of Al Green's Let's Stay Together is Tina's first Capitol single. lt hits UK #6, with her UK profile raised by packed dates at London's The Venue and an appearance on The Tube, a popular UK television program.

Let's Stay Together reaches US dance #1, as various writer-producers, including Rupert Hine and Terry Britten, are brought in to collaborate on a first Capitol LP. It is recorded at UK sessions spread over just two weeks. Tina also records the duet Tonight with David Bowie for his same-titled album. After a sell-out UK-Tour, she opens as special guest on Lionel Richie’s „Can't Slow Down Tour“ in the US. The first release from the LP sessions is What’s Love Got To Do With It, written by Terry Britten and Graham Lyle. The album Private Dancer hits US #3 and UK #2 and will stay in the US top 10 until May 1985 and sell over 20 million copies worldwide. As the tour with Richie finishes, What’s Love Got To Do With It tops the US chart for 3 weeks, selling over a million. On the same day the single hits #1, Tina seals a deal with Australian director George Miller to appear in his third Mad Max movie, together with Mel Gibson.

Turner takes part in the recording of USA for Africa's „We Are The World“. What's Love Got to Do With lt wins Grammy awards as „Record of the Year“ and „Best Female Vocal Performance,“ while Better Be Good To Me also collects a Grammy as „Best Female Rock Vocal“. In June, the movie Mad Max - Beyond Thunderdome is released. Tina's performance as Aunty Entity is striking and leads to further film offers. Meanwhile, her European tour is breaking records, and the original 8 dates in Germany are extended to 30. In July, she appears on the Live Aid bill in Philadelphia, where she duets raunchily with Mick Jagger. We Don't Need Another Hero from the Mad Max soundtrack, hits UK #3 and US #2 and is her first #1 in Germany. Tina wins an award as Best Actress from the NAACP for her role in Mad Max.

Tina participates in the Prince's Trust charity concert in London alongside Eric Clapton and Elton John. The highlight of the show is Tina’s duet with Paul McCartney on „Get Back“. Tina’s best-selling autobiography I, Tina is published in July. The first single Typical Male from her forthcoming LP, reaches US #2, behind Cyndi Lauper's „True Colours“. The album Break Every Rule hits UK #2 and US #3, earning platinum for million-plus sales. Touchstone Pictures acquires the film rights to I, Tina

Tina embarks on her Break Every Rule World Tour in Munich, Germany and breaks box office records in 13 countries. The album Break Every Rule hits #1 in nine territories. The US leg of the tour begins in August.

On the South American tour leg, Turner plays to 182,000 people in the Maracana Arena in Rio de Janeiro, the largest audience ever assembled for a single performer. The tour comes to a close in Osaka, Japan after 230 dates in 25 countries, playing to 4 million fans. Tina takes a well-earned year off.

The first single The Best from the album Foreign Affair storms into the charts, reaches US #15 and stays in the UK Top 10 for 4 weeks. Foreign Affair features her first credits as producer and arranger. lt enters the charts at #1 in the UK and sees Tina teaming up with Memphis-based songwriter Tony Joe White, who wrote 4 of the albums tracks. In November, Tina celebrates her 50th birthday with a lavish party, attended by a host of stars at London's Reform Club. The Foreign Affair European Tour is announced. 150,000 tickets for England's Woburn Abbey shows are sold in record time.

1990 - 1999

In March, Foreign Affair has outsold Private Dancer in the UK and has reached multi-platinum status in 14 different countries. The Foreign Affair Tour kicks off in Antwerp, Belgium. The successful tour delights fans across Europe, culminating on November 4 in Rotterdam. lt is the biggest European tour ever, surpassing even those by colleagues including the Rolling Stones, Elton John and David Bowie. Tina plays 125 shows (65 stadiums and 60 arenas) in front of 3.5 million people.

Tina's greatest hits compilation album Simply The Best is released. lt reaches UK #1 and is also #1 in 12 territories, selling in excess of 10 million copies.

While Ike remained in prison, Ike & Tina Turner were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which Phil Spector accepted on their behalf.

The Steve DuBerry/Lulu-penned single I Don't Wanna Fight leading the way to the soundtrack album What's Love Got To Do With It and Touchstone movie, based on Tina's autobiography I, Tina. Tina launches the highly anticipated Whats Love? Tour in Reno on June 6. Her first American tour in six years will take her across the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, and will run through mid-November.

Salt-n-Pepa sampled The Ikettes hit song I'm Blue (The Gong Gong Song) for their single „Shoop“. The track went to No. 4 in the Billboard Hot 100, earning Ike around half a million dollars in royalties.

The producers of the up-coming James Bond movie offer Tina to record the title song, written by Bono and The Edge. Goldeneye reaches #10 in the UK in it's first week and #3 on the Eurocharts.

Ike Turner married after years of courtship Jeanette Bazzell (they were divorced in 2001, but remained friends).

Wildest Dreams, Tina's first studio album in seven years reaches #4 in the UK and is a top 10 hit in numerous European countries. Tina starts her two-year worldwide Wildest Dreams Tour in May, with a special appearance by Bruce Willis in Paris.

The Wildest Dreams Tour ends with five sold-out dates at New York's Radio City Music Hall on July 27. It was the biggest grossing concert tour in Europe with 120 sold-out shows and 250 shows worldwide. At the same time, Ike toured internationally with Joe Louis Walker, after he played guitar on his album „Great Guitars“.

The duet Cose Della Vita with Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti reaches #4 in Germany and #6 on the Eurocharts. Tina and Eros performing live on stage at the Eros & Friends European Tour in the summer.

In April, Tina opens the VH-1 special Divas Live at New York's Beacon Theatre. October is a very emotional month for Tina. First, she is honored with a lifetime MOBO Award in England, presented by Lionel Richie. Shortly after this event, Zelma Bullock  Tinas mother died at the age of 81. The first single When The Heartache Is Over from her upcoming album Twenty Four Seven reaches UK #10. Tina celebrates the new Millennium with a concert in Las Vegas, December 30.

2000 - 2009

Tina starts her Twenty Four Seven Tour in Minneapolis, March 23. It's the most successful tour of her career. Guinness World Records announced that Tina sold more concert tickets than any other solo concert performer in music history. At the last show of the tour in Anaheim, December 6, Tina says goodbye and takes a four year break from the music business.

Ike reformed the Kings of Rhythm, taking them on a US tour with his new wife Jeanette as the lead singer. Turner's work on the tour led to the recording of his Grammy nominated Here & Now album.

The first single Open Arms from her upcoming album hits #25 in the UK, while the double CD All The Best makes UK #6 and US #2, certified platinum.

From the Kennedy Center Honors, Tina receives a „Lifetime Achievement Award“ in Washington. During the show, Queen Latifah performs What's Love Got To Do With It, Melissa Etheridge River Deep, Mountain High, Al Green Let's Stay Together and Beyonce Knowles Proud Mary.

From the movie „All the Invisible Children,“ Tina's duet Teach Me Again with Italian singer Elisa reaches #1 in Italy.

Ike Turner married Audrey Madison.

Ike won his first solo Grammy on February 11 in the category „Best Traditional Blues Album“ for Risin' With The Blues. The album was also nominated at the 7th Annual Independent Music Awards for „Blues Album of the Year“. On December 12, Ike Turner died at the age of 76 in his home in San Marcos, California.

At the request of Beyonce Knowles, Tina performed at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards live on stage. In May, at a special Oprah Winfrey show in Las Vegas, she announces that she will go back on tour once more. The 50th Anniversary Tour opens in Kansas City, Missouri at the Sprint Center in October.

The European leg of the tour starts in Cologne, Germany. The tour was a massive success, with sold-out shows and many additional dates. After the tour, Tina participates in the Beyond singing project, together with Regula Curti and Dechen Shak Dagsay. The album, released in June, combined Buddhist chants and Christian choral music along with spiritual messages by Tina, reaching #7 in Switzerland and certified gold. The new album and video Tina Live includes Tina’s appearance at the Gelredome in the Netherlands, as part of her 50th Anniversary Tour.

2010 - 2019

On August 5, Ike Turner was posthumously recognized by his Mississippi hometown. Clarksdale officials and music fans gathered to unveil two markers honoring Turner and his musical legacy. He has also been recognized with a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame.

Tina’s older sister Ruby Alline Selico passed away in September.

Children Beyond, the successor of the first Beyond album contains prayers from the six greatest religions, performed by Tina, Regula, Dechen and 30 children.

In April, Tina is the cover girl of the German Vogue edition. With 73, she is the oldest cover girl ever and looks stunning. On July 21, she gets married with her long-time partner Erwin Bach in Zurich. Earlier that year, she became a Swiss citizen.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the new compilation Love Songs hits UK #30. In June, the third album from the Beyond project, Love Within, makes #21 in Germany and #7 in Switzerland. Tina contributes the two wonderful gospel songs „Amazing Grace“ and the self-penned „I’m A Motherless Child,“ which was already recorded by Ike & Tina for the album Outta Season in 1969.

On December 16, Tina was in London working on her stage musical. She stated via Twitter: „I asked myself what’s next? I knew I was finished with stage performance - all of me had changed. But this is big and in order to make it as good as possible I must be involved“.

On October 17, Tina announced at the launch party of TINA The Musical that Adrienne Warren will be playing the role of Tina Turner in the upcoming musical about her life. To promote the musical, Tina is guest at the Jonathan Ross tv show on October 28 with a full length interview.

The fourth Beyond album Awakening Beyond was released November 10, with Tina speaking the spiritual message.

Tina attends the premiere in London of TINA The Musical on April 17, 2018, together with other celebrities like Rod Stewart and Graham Norton. The Greatest Hits is released in April to promote the musical. It’s a re-release of the All The Best album from 2004 with a new cover art.

On July 03, Tina’s eldest son Craig Turner died at the age of 59 in his home in Studio City (Los Angeles), California.

Tina announced that TINA The Musical wil come to Hamburg, Germany in March 2019 and to Broadway, New York in autumn 2019. At the launch party on October 23 at the Mojo Club in Hamburg, Tina presents Kristina Love who plays her on stage at the German version of the musical.

My Love Story, the second biography after her first best seller with I, Tina from 1986 comes out in October.

In November, the classic track What’s Love Got To Do With It was released as a digital download in a brand new Symphonic Version, taken from the album 80’s Symphonic.

In February, the Adrienne Warren performed track River Deep, Mountain High was released as the first single from the original cast album with music from TINA - The Tina Turner Musical. The live album The Early Years with a full concert from 1983 is released. 

On March 05, TINA Das Musical premiered on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg (Germany) at the Stage Operettenhaus with Kristina Love playing the role of Tina Turner. Tina watched the show and appeared on stage at the end of the performance together with the entire cast.  The Original London Cast album is digitally available on March 29.

The musical and it’s actors received three Olivier Awards nominations and Kobna Holdbrook-Smith won the award for „Best Actor“ for his interpretation of Ike Turner. At the ceremony on April 7, 2019 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, Adrienne Warren performed live River Deep, Mountain High.

In June, Tina was inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony will be held the day after Tina - The Tina Turner Musical will open in New York City.