Rough (1978)

Tina Turner - Rough - Album

Rough is Tina’s first solo album after her divorce from Ike Turner. It contains almost rock songs, with some influences from the disco genre and her first studio recording of Elton John's „The Bitch Is Back,“ which she used as the opening number in her solo shows. In 1991, Tina re-recorded this song for the Elton John tribute album Two Rooms. The album was an indication of the new direction for Tina’s music - combining rock with some pop and R&B elements. The song „Night Time Is The Right Time“ was already recorded by Ike & Tina, but not released until 1991 on the rarities sampler Good Old Times. The album and it’s four singles didn‘t charted.

Producer: Bob Monaco
Photographer: Claude Mougin
Design: Bill Burks
Release: September 1978 / 1990 (CD)
Label: United Artists (UK, USA) / Ariola (Germany) / EMI (CD)
Format: Vinyl (gatefold) / Cartridge / Cassette / CD

Side A
  1. Fruits Of The Night 4:05
  2. Written by E. & V. Zanki, P. Bellotte / Single release in 1978
  3. The Bitch Is Back 3:30
  4. Written by E. John, B. Taupin
  5. The Woman I’m Supposed To Be 3:10
  6. Written by C. Wade
  7. Viva La Money 3:14
  8. Written by A. Toussaint / Single release in 1978
  9. Funny How Time Slips Away 4:08
  10. Written by W. Nelson
  11. Earthquake And Hurricane 2:30
  12. Written by W. Dixon
Side B
  1. Root, Toot Undisputable Rock’n Roller 4:29
  2. Written by G. Jackson / Single release in 1978
  3. Fire Down Below 3:13
  4. Written by B. Seger
  5. Sometimes When We Touch 3:54
  6. Written by D. Hill, B. Mann / Single release in 1979
  7. A Woman In A Man’s World 2:41
  8. Written by A. Jordan, H. David
  9. Night Time Is The Right Time 6:21
  10. Written by L. Carr
Billboard Review

October 07, 1978

A genuinely legendary performer, Turner takes the long awaited solo plunge with an adventurous variety of old and new material which she seeks to make her own in her inimitable pull out the stops fashion. Her delivery has lost none of its snap and crackle, and solid backup support includes Airto Moreiro on percussion, the L.A. Horns, Mary Russell joining a group of fine and funky vocalists and a touch of discofied synthesizer.


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Tina Turner - Rough - AlbumTina Turner - Rough - AlbumTina Turner - Rough - AlbumTina Turner - Rough - AlbumTina Turner - Rough - AlbumTina Turner - Rough - AlbumTina Turner - Rough - PromoTina Turner - Rough - PromoTina Turner - Rough - Promo
CashBox Review

October 07, 1978

Remember, Miss Tina never does nothing nice … and easy and on her United Artists solo debut she rocks rough and randy enough to make her pop and soul competitors quiver in their lizard skin tennis shoes. Turner mixes the intensity of the gospel choir with the promised pleasures of the turned-down bed to great effect on 11 covers of artists ranging from Elton John to Dan Hill. As a result, Tina's new thing is hot to go for AOR and black contemporary.

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