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Root, Toot Undisputable Rock’n Roller (1978)

Tina Turner - Root, Toot Undisputable Rock'n Roller - Single

Root, Toot Undisputable Rock’n Roller was the first single, taken from the album Rough. Tina promoted the song at several TV-Shows and performed it live in her early solo concerts. A live version is available on the Wild Lady of Rock home video from 1979. The b-side track „Night Time Is The Right Time“ was already recorded by Ike & Tina, but was not released before 1991 on the sampler Good Old Times. The Australian single contains an otherwise unreleased edited version of the song.

Release: 1978 (Germany) / 1979 (UK)
Label: Ariola (Germany) / United Artists (UK) / Interfusion (Australia)
Format: 7“ Vinyl

  1. Root, Toot Undisputable Rock’n Roller 4:30
  2. From the European release
  3. Root, Toot Undisputable Rock’n Roller (Edit) 3:30
  4. From the Australian release / Writer: G. Jackson / Producer: Bob Monaco / Recorded and mixed at Conway Recording Studio, Hollywood / Recording and re-mix engineer: Roger Harris / Assistant engineer: Phil Moore / Mastered at Kendun Recorders by John Golden / Production Assistant: Jill Marns / Strings and Horns arranged by Rick Kellis / Strings performed by The Gerald Lee String Company / Horns performed by The L A Horns: Rick Kellis, Dennis Faris, and Jeff "Dino" Deane / Special Thanks Fred Frank - for bringing Tina Turner to the Roadshow Family, Sid Mauer, Nick Albarano, Maye Hampton-James, Jack Baer and the Dogs of War / Peter Bunetta: Drums / Bill Haynes: Bass / Lenny Macaluso: Electric Guitar / Ken Moore: Acoustic Piano / W.D. Smith: Hammond Organ / Airto Moreira: Percussion / Background Vocals: Marsha Thacker, Stephanie Spryill, Denise Echols, Tony Walthers, Ken Moore, Michael Stephenson
    Additional tracks:
  1. Night Time Is The Right Time 6:21
  2. From the German release
  3. Fire Down Below 3:13
  4. From the UK & Australian release

    All b-sides taken from the album 'Rough'
Tina Turner - Root, Toot Undisputable Rock'n Roller - Single

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