TINA: Live (Concert)

Rod Stewart (1981)

Tina Turner & Rod Stewart - The Forum - Concert

Rod Stewart attended a concert from Tina at the Ritz in New York in October 1981, where she performed three of Rod’s songs, much to his delight. After the show, he went backstage and invited her to sing Hot Legs with him at Saturday Night Live the following day, which was also the very first appearance from Tina at this show. Rod and Tina also attended a cast party at Studio 54 this night. In December, Tina was invited by Rod Stewart again, to join him at his L.A. Forum concert, which was broadcasted via satellite worldwide. Tina was introduced from Rod as „another big event“ and prompted her to come on stage, where they performed two songs together. At the end of the concert, Tina (and also Kim Carnes) joined Rod once again on stage for the duet Stay With Me. All three songs were released on video and LP the following year. After the tour with The Rolling Stones a few weeks earlier, it’s the second big step to Tina’s comeback. The next collaboration between Tina and Rod was nine years later with the single It Takes Two.

SNL: October 3, 1981
Concert: December 19, 1981 
Venue: The Forum, Inglewood (USA)
Home VideoTonight He’s Yours (1982)
AlbumAbsolutely Live (1982) / Live 1976-1998: Tonight’s The Night (2014)

  1. Get Back
  2. Tina & Rod Stewart
  3. Hot Legs
  4. Tina & Rod Stewart
  5. Stay With Me
  6. Tina & Rod Stewart & Kim Carnes

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