TINA: Guest Vocals (Album)

River - The Joni Letters (2007)

Tina Turner - River (The Joni Letters) - Album

River - The Joni Letters is a tribute album from Herbie Hancock, featuring cover versions of songs originally written and performed by singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell. Tina Turner contributed the wonderful jazz song „Edith And The Kingpin,“ which contains also an uncredited guitar part from Prince. An otherwise unreleased Radio Edit of the song was released only for radio stations. The album won a Grammy Award in 2008.

Release: 2007
Label: Verve
Format: 2 Vinyl / CD / 5“ CD (Promo)
Grammy: Album of the Year (2008)

  1. Edith And The Kingpin 6:32
  2. Written by Joni Mitchell / Produced and Arranged by Larry Klein and Herbie Hancock / Promo in 2007

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