Private Dancer Tour (1985)

Tina Turner - Private Dancer Tour - Video

Private Dancer Tour includes selected tracks from the legendary concert at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England on March 23, 1985 as part of Tina's Private Dancer Tour. It features also special appearances by David Bowie and Bryan Adams and was broadcasted from the Westwood One Radio Network in America. The video was reissued in 1994 on a limited edition CD & Video Double Pack, featuring the original VHS cassette and an exclusive compact disc, and once again in 2010 from Immortal under the different title „The Exciting Tina Turner Live“ on DVD.

Director: David Mallet
Release: 1985 / 1994 (double pack) / 2010 (dvd)
Label: PMI / EMI / Immortal
Format: VHS / LaserDisc / DVD
Charts: USA: #2
Grammy: Best Long Form Music Video (Nomination 1986)
Time: 55 Min.

  1. Intro 0:57
  2. Show Some Respect (Live) 3.47
  3. Written by Terry Britten, Graham Lyle
  4. I Might Have Been Queen (Live) 4.03
  5. Written by Jeanette Obstoj, Rupert Hine, Jamie West-Oram
  6. What’s Love Got To Do With It (Live) 3.53
  7. Written by Terry Britten, Graham Lyle
  8. I Can’t Stand The Rain (Live) 3.23
  9. Written by Ann Peebles, Bryan Miller, D. Bryant
  10. Better Be Good To Me (Live) 6.34
  11. Written by Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn, Holly Knight
  12. Private Dancer (Live) 6.20
  13. Written by Mark Knopfler
  14. Let’s Stay Together (Live) 5.06
  15. Written by Al Green, Willie Mitchell, Al Jackson jr.
  16. Help (Live) 5.57
  17. Written by John Lennon, Paul McCartney
  18. It’s Only Love (Live Tina & Bryan Adams) 3:43
  19. Written by Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance
  20. Tonight (Live Tina & David Bowie) 5:22
  21. Written by David Bowie, Iggy Pop
  22. Let’s Dance (Live Tina & David Bowie) 5.18
  23. Written by David Bowie

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Tina Turner - Private Dancer Tour - VideoTina Turner - Private Dancer Tour - VideoTina Turner - Private Dancer Tour - VideoTina Turner - Private Dancer Tour - PromoTina Turner - Private Dancer Tour - PromoTina Turner - Private Dancer Tour - Promo
CashBox Review

January 26, 1985

The lucky locals of London and Birmingham, England will be treated to a special engagement of that goddess of rhythm herself - Tina Turner - when she tapes an exclusive concert for HBO. The show will take place March 15-17 at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Center. The concert is part of Turner’s 60-date English and European tour, and it will be edited down to an hour for its cable airing at an unknown date this spring. Well, it’s about time, ain't it? And Turner isn’t the only big name of 1985 to air a cable special in the coming months.

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