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Private Dancer (1984)

Tina Turner - Private Dancer - Single

Private Dancer is a wonderful pop ballad, taken as the fifth single from the album Private Dancer. Because the song is sung from the perspective of a high-class prostitute, it remained unreleased from a Dire Straits recording session, because Mark Knopfler thought it’s a song for a woman. Tina promoted it at several TV-Shows in Europe and America and performed it live at every concert tour. Live versions are available on the album Live In Europe from 1988 and TINA Live from 2009. The b-side track „Keep Your Hands Off My Baby“ from the European single is a previously unreleased song, which was already recorded and produced by John Carter in 1982. The live b-side tracks were recorded in Chicago on August 2, 1984.

Because company advertising wasn’t allowed in the UK, the lyrics „American Express Will Do Nicely, Thank You“ were changed to „A Few Pounds Sterling Will Do Nicely, Thank You“ for airplay, released as a „Sterling“ version on an UK promo single. All commercial releases include instead the „Amex“ version.

Photographer: Norman Seeff
Design: Shot That Tiger!
: October '84 (Germany) / November '84 (USA) / January '85 (UK)
Label: Capitol / EMI
Format: 7“ Vinyl / 12“ Vinyl
Charts: USA: #7 / Europe: #12 / Germany: #20 / UK: #26 / Australia: #21
Album: Private Dancer

Tina Turner - Private Dancer - Single
  1. Private Dancer (Edit) 4:01
  2. From the 7" record / Writer: Mark Knopfler / Producer: John Carter / Recorded in England at Wessex and Good Earth Studios / Remixed by Humberto Gatica / Drums: Terry Williams / Keyboards: Alan Clark / Guitar: Hal Lindes / Bass: John Illsley / Sax: Mel Collins / Percussion: Julian Diggle and Carter / Guitar Solo: Jeff Beck
  3. Private Dancer (Full Length Version) 7:14
  4. From the 12" record
  5. Private Dancer (Sterling Version) 3:54
  6. From the 7" promotional record
    Additional tracks:
  1. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby 3:44
  2. From the European release / Previously Unreleased / Written by Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg / Produced by John Carter
  3. Nutbush City Limits (Live) 3:06
  4. River Deep, Mountain High (Live) 4:14
  5. From the American, UK & Australian release / Previously Unreleased / Produced by John Carter / Recorded in Chicago on August 2, 1984
Tina Turner - Private Dancer - Single

The music video was filmed at the Rivoli Ballroom in London's suburb Lewisham. It shows Tina as a hostess, looking tired and pale. She is dancing with a man in a dance hall and after a while she starts to dream, experiencing several different scenes in which she looks beautiful in a sequin dress. As she wakes up, she sees the sad reality again and turns away from her dance partner, running out of the room. A longer version with an extended intro and instrumental part was originally released on the Private Dancer EP. A shorter version is available on the Simply The Best video collection. Arlene Phillips, the choreographer of the video tells the story of the production in the documentary When Tina Turner Came To Britain from 2022.

Director: Brian Grant
Producer: Pam James
Release: YouTube / Private Dancer EP / Simply The Best
MTV Video Music Awards: Best Choreography (Nominated 1985)
Time: 4:23 (short) / 5:25 (long)

Tina Turner - Private Dancer - Music Video

Billboard - January 12, 1985

„Private Dancer“ is the fourth and title single from Tina Turner’s burning sleeper for Capitol. A drowsy, sensual ballad, the tune features a rare soft touch Turner vocal, highlighting Turner’s sensational range as no other song to date. „Private Dancer“ purrs with an understated urban edge, taking up in theme where „What's Love Got To Do With lt“ left off and with a light piano sound. Smooth CHR fare „Private Dancer“ is sure to continue Turner’s current Top 10 roll.

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