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Private Dance Mixes (1985)

Tina Turner - Private Dance Mixes - Album

Private Dance Mixes is a compilation album, released only in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. It includes all extended mixes from the Private Dancer singles plus It's Only Love live from Birmingham. The songs are divided into „Dance Mixes“ on the a-side and „Rock Mixes“ on the b-side. It was released to promote the Private Dancer Tour, because in this countries Tina was on tour in December 1985, which was eighteen months after the release of the Private Dancer album.

Release: November 1985
Label: Interfusio, Festival (Australia) / Capitol, Toshiba (Japan)
Format: Vinyl / CD / Cassette
Charts: Australia: #64

    Side A
  1. Let’s Stay Together (Full Length) 5:16
  2. Written by Al Green, Willie Mitchel, Al Jackson Jr. / Produced by Martyn Ware, Greg Walsh / From the album "Private Dancer"
  3. What’s Love Got To Do With It (Extended) 5:45
  4. Written by Terry Britten, Graham Lyle / Produced by Terry Britten / From the 12" single
  5. I Can’t Stand The Rain (Extended) 5:43
  6. Written by Ann Peebles, Don Bryant, Bernard Miller / Produced by Terry Britten / From the 12" single
    Side B
  1. Show Some Respect (Extended) 5:47
  2. Written by Terry Britten, Sue Shifrin / Produced by Terry Britten / From the 12" single
  3. Better Be Good To Me (Extended) 7:47
  4. Written by Holly Knight, Nick Chinn, Mike Chapman / Produced by Rupert Hine for Gestalt / From the 12" single
  5. It’s Only Love (Live Tina & Bryan Adams) 4:15
  6. Written by Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance / Produced by Terry Britten / Recorded Live at the N.E.C., Birmingha (UK) / Remixed at Mayfair Studios, London / From the 12" single
Tina Turner - Private Dance Mixes - Album

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