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Peter’s Pop Show (1986 - '89)

Tina Turner - Peter's Pop-Show - TV

December 06, 1986

Peter’s Pop Show was an annual music show in Germany with national and international music acts from the Westfalenhalle in the city of Dortmund with Peter Illmann as the host from 1985 to 1992. Tina was twice guest on the show and performed each time three songs from her recent albums. While Tina was on tour in Germany, she played several times sold out concerts at the Westfalenhalle in front of an audience of approximately 15.000 people. The bootleg Paradise Is Here with a complete concert from the Break Every Rule Tour and the video for the single Break Every Rule have been also recorded in the Westfalenhalle.

    December 06. 1986
  1. Typical Male
  2. Two People
  3. What You Get Is What You See
  4. Receiving Certification
  5. Platinum for the album 'Break Every Rule'
    December 02, 1989
  1. The Best
  2. I Don't Wanna Lose You
  3. Steamy Windows
  4. Receiving Award
  5. Best Female Rock Star

    All songs were performed lip-synced

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