TINA: Duet


Tina Turner & Pepsi - Duet

Tina & David Bowie

Pepsi was the sponsor for Tina’s Private Dancer Tour in 1985 and once again in 1987 / ’88 for her Break Every Rule Tour. For a commercial, Tina recorded the song „We Got The Taste“ solo and together with the following artists: The Thai singer and actress Pu Anchalle Jongkadeekij, the Puerto Rican singer Wilkins, the Philippine singer Gino Padilla, the Brazilian singer and actor Evandro Mesquita and the Mexican singer Emmanuel. The solo version is available on the Break Every Rule home video. Also in 1987, Tina and David Bowie produced together a Pepsi commercial with a short version of the song „Modern Love“.

  1. We Got The Taste
  2. Duet with Pu Anchalle Jongkadeekij, Wilkins, Gino Padilla, Evandro Mesquita, Emmanuel
  3. Modern Love
  4. Duet with David Bowie

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