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Oprah Winfrey Show (1997 - 2008)

Tina Turner - Oprah Winfrey Show - TV

The Oprah Winfrey Show was an American daytime talk show, aired for 25 seasons from September 1986 to May 2011. It was produced and hosted by Oprah Winfrey and remained one of the highest-rated daytime talk shows in American television history.

Tina’s first appearance on the show was in 1997, when she promoted her Wildest Dreams album and tour. Oprah announced, that she would follow the tour with her talk show from Houston to New York City. Tina and Oprah became friends and Oprah described herself as the biggest groupie of Tina Turner, which went so far that she even wore a Tina Turner wig in her show. Over the years, Tina appeared several times more on the show and participated also in some special events like the „Oprah Winfrey’s Legend Ball“ in 2005 and the opening of Oprah’s school in South Africa in 2007. Tina’s last appearance was together with Cher in 2008, when she announced her 50th Anniversary Tour in Las Vegas. In 2011, Oprah did the last episode of „The Oprah Winfrey Show,“ but Tina was still guest in Oprah’s other formats like Oprah’s Next Chapter in 2013 and Oprah's Supersoul Conversations in 2018.

Also Oprah was several times guest at special events from Tina, like her wedding in 2013 and the opening of TINA The Tina Turner Musical on Broadway, New York in 2019.

    February 21, 1997
  1. Interview
  2. The Best
  3. In Your Wildest Dreams
  4. Let's Stay Together
    May 13, 1997
  1. Oprah Running Wild with Tina
    May 16, 1997
  1. Backstage of the Wildest Dreams Tour
  2. Interview
  3. The Best (Tina & Oprah)
  1. Glamorous Makeovers
  2. Make-Up Session with Kevin Aucoin & Tina
    February 03, 2000
  1. Interview (Tina & Gloria Reuben)
  2. Hold On I'm Coming
  3. When The Heartache Is Over
  4. Whatever You Need
    April 17, 2000
  1. Private concert for Oprah's O'Magazine
    February 04, 2005
  1. Interview (Tina & Felicity Huffmann)
  2. Ena meets Tina
  3. Better Be Good To Me
  4. Open Arms
  5. In Your Wildest Dreams
    May 14, 2005
  1. Oprah Winfrey's Legends Ball
    January 02, 2007
  1. Oprah Winfrey's Leadership Academy
    May 08, 2008
  1. Interview (Tina & Cher)
  2. Nutbush City Limts
  3. Proud Mary (Tina & Cher)

  4. All songs were performed live
Tina Turner - Oprah Winfrey Show - TV

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