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One Of The Living (1985)

Tina Turner - One Of The Living - Single

One Of The Living is a rock song, released as the second single from the soundtrack album Mad Max (Beyond Thunderdome). Tina added the song to the setlist of her Private Dancer Tour, while she was on the American leg of the tour and promoted it at the Australian TV-Show Countdown on December 22, 1985. Beside the versions from the single, the song is also available in a never official released „Maxi Version“ and also the version at the beginning of the Mad Max movie is different. The pictures on the front and back cover of the single were taken from the music video. Tina received her fourth solo Grammy for this song in 1986.

Release: September 1985
Label: Capitol / EMI
Format: 7“ Vinyl / 12“ Vinyl
Charts: Germany: #6 / USA: #15 (Pop), #6 (Dance) / Europe: #23 / UK: #55 / Australia: #34
Grammy: Best Female Rock Vocal Performance (1986)
AlbumMad Max (Beyond Thunderdome)

Tina Turner - One Of The Living - Single
  1. One Of The Living 4:12
  2. Writer: Holly Knight / Producer: Mike Chapman / Co-Produced and Remixed by Humberto Gatica / Recorded at Cherokee Studios, Los Angeles / Holly Knight: Keyboards, Programming and Backing Vocals / Gene Black: Guitars and Background Vocals / Tim Cappello: Saxophone Solo
  3. One Of The Living (Dub Version) 5:23
  4. From the 7" & 12" record
  5. One Of The Living (Special Club Mix) 7:49
  6. One Of The Living (Instrumental) 6:11
  7. From the 12" record / Remix: Steve Thompson, Michael Barbiero
  8. One Of The Living (Extended) 8:09
  9. Unreleased version
  10. One Of The Living (Movie Version) 1:55
  11. From the motion picture 'Mad Max (Beyond Thunderdome'
Tina Turner - One Of The Living - Single

The video shooting took place in a crumbling prison near Philadelphia, where Tina is walking through the corridors in a leather jacket and boots, playing a red guitar. Later she comes to a hall with a fireplace, dancing around with her band in the background, while Timmy Capello plays the instrumental saxophone part. It’s a very fast video, with some scenes from the movie in black & white in between. Backstage footage from the video shoot was shown in a TV broadcast with a concert from Philadelphia at the Spectrum in 1985. The video was never released officially from Tina’s record company, but is available on the promo sampler Video Disco.

Director: George Miller, Jeff Tannebring
Producer: Toby Phillips
Release: Never officially released
Time: 4:01

Tina Turner - One Of The Living - Music Video

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