TINA: Song

Not Enough Romance

is a very melodic pop song from the album Foreign Affair and was also the b-side of the single Foreign Affair in Germany. Tina never performed it live on stage.

Writer: Dan Hartman
Producer: Dan Hartman
Album: Foreign Affair (1989)

Tina Turner - Foreign Affair - Album
  1. Not Enough Romance 4:04
  2. Dan Hartman: Keyboards, Moog Bass, Drum Programming, Acoustic Guitar / Pat Thrall: Electric Guitar / Elliot Lewis: Flute / T.M. Stevens: Bass Guitar / Lance Ellington & Tessa Niles: Backing Vocals / Recorded by Chris Lord-Alge

Q: This song that Dan Hartman's written here 'Not Enough Romance', did he write it as you were recording as things were going along?

A: That was one of the first songs that Roger and I got, right after we got the Tony Joe White songs and I loved it. I thought it was so melodic and I felt it was a little bit serious because after hearing Tony Joe White's 'Steamy Windows' and 'You Know Who', I thought, 'Not Enough Romance in this World'? We’re talking about 'Steamy
Windows'! (laughs).

But I like it, I liked the melody, I liked it a lot you know and I kept saying to people that said they didn't like it that I did and I stood behind it and wanted to do it and even though he tried to change it after we did the other records to try to make it fit right in. I didn't want it changed I wanted it as it was, that was how I heard it the first time and how I liked it. I still think the words are really very good. It's a very serious song, because Dan is very serious. I think it has great possibilities as well.

From the 'Foreign Affair' promotional interview