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MTV Videos (1985 - 1986)

Tina Turner - MTV Videos - TV

MTV Videos shows music videos, presented sometimes from guest VJ’s like Tina Turner, who was guest at least three times (she mentioned this in 1986).

In 1985, she choose her favorite videos from her favorite men like Mike Jagger, Bruce Springsteen and Rod Stewart. Between the videos, she speaks about her recent Private Dancer Tour, her duet with Bryan Adams, her first meeting with David Bowie in Switzerland, Prince and her cover of „Let’s Pretend We’re Married,“ that she want to do a duet with Annie Lennox probably for her next album and she is imitating Bruce Springsteen how he sings We Are The World.

In 1986, she started the show by banging a gong on the MTV logo upside down with her feet. For this edition, she choose ten of her favorite videos including some of them from guys who worked on her new album Break Every Rule, which she just finished. Between the videos, she speaks about Steve Winwood and his fantastic solo on the track Afterglow, Phil Collins providing drums on Typical Male, Mark Knopfler producing two of her new songs and Annie Lennox, who shared the same studio in Paris when Tina recorded her new album. She also mentioned her just finished biography I, Tina.

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