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is a song from the band ZZ Top, released in 1983 on their album Eliminator. Tina Turner covered it live in her concerts - the first time at her World Tour in 1984. A over ten minutes live version was released as the b-side on the first singles from the album Live In Europe in 1988 and in 2024, a remastered version promoted the album What’s Love? (30th Anniversary Edition).

Writer: Gibbsons, Hill, Beard
Producer: Terry Britten
Album: What’s Love? (30th Anniversary Edition) (2024)
Single: Addicted To Love (1988) / Nutbush City Limits (1988) / Legs (2024)

  1. Legs (Live) 10:57
  2. From the single b-side in 1988 / Jack Bruno: Drums / James Ralston: Guitar & Vocals / Kenny Moore: Piano & Vocals / Jamie West-Oram: Guitar / Bob Feit: Bass Guitar & Vocals / Timmy Cappello: Saxophone & Keyboards
  3. Legs (2023 Live Remaster) 4:53
  4. From the album 'What's Love? (30th Anniversary Edition' in 2024 / Recorded in 1993 at Blockbuster Pavillion in San Bernardino, California / Live Sound Remix: Chris Lord-Alge / Jack Bruno: Drums / Timmy Capello: Percussion, Saxophone, Keyboard / Bob Feit: Bass / Ollie Marland: Keyboard / John Miles: Guitars / Kenny Moore: Piano / James Ralston: Guitars

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