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Lawdy Miss Clawdy (1972)

Ike Turner - Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Single

Lawdy Miss Clawdy is the second single from the album Blues Roots. It’s a cover from Lloyd Price, originally released in 1952. The single features different b-side tracks, depending on the country.

Producer: Ike Turner, Gerhard Augustin
Release: July 1972
Label: United Artists
Format: 7“ Vinyl
AlbumBlues Roots

  1. Lawdy Miss Clawdy 1:41
  2. Written by Lloyd Price
    Additional tracks:
  1. Tacks In My Shoes 3:02
  2. From the UK & American release / Written by Ike Turner
  3. Think 3:04
  4. From the French release / Written by Ike Turner
  5. If You Love Me Like You Say 3:13
  6. From the Japanese release / Written by Ike Turner
Ike Turner - Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Single

Blues & Soul - August 25, 1972

Ike with no Tina as he steams into a rousing and bluesy recitation of the old Lloyd Price BIues classic „Lawdy Miss Clawdy.“ It might serve for a lightning taster for his solo „Blues Roots“ album and it's certainly a well made record but I can't really imagine too many people rushing out to buy it. The b-side features Ike on another cut from the album and their resident backing band, the Family Vibes, on one of the least distinctive tracks from their own excellent album, simple entitled „Family Vibes“.

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