It’s Only Love (1985)

Tina Turner & Bryan Adams - It's Only Love - Single

It’s Only Love is a rock song, taken as the last single from Bryan Adam’s album Reckless. The live version from the maxi single was recorded in Birmingham, England at the N.E.C. on March 23, 1985. Because Bryan was the opening act for Tina’s Private Dancer Tour in Europe, he performed the song at most of the concerts together with Tina as a special guest. At the Break Every Rule Tour in 1987 / '88, Tina performed the song as a duet with John Miles. At the Rainforest Concert in 1993 and once again at Tina’s birthday special Celebrate! in 1999, Tina and Bryan performed it live again. As a special bonus, the single was also released with a gatefold cover, including many live pictures from Tina & Bryan. The song was nominated for a Grammy Award the next year.

Writer: Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance
Producer: Bryan Adams, Bob Clearmountain
Photographer: Paul Cox (front cover), Mike Putland, Paul Cox (back cover)
Release: November 1985
Label: A&M
Format: 7“ Vinyl (gatefold) / 12“ Vinyl
Charts: USA: #15, UK: #29, Germany: #44 / Europe: #52
Grammy: Best Rock Vocals Performance (Nomination 1986)

7“ Vinyl Single
  1. It’s Only Love 3:15
  2. Written by Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance / Produced by Bryan Adams, Bob Clearmountain
12“ Vinyl Maxi
  1. It’s Only Love 3:15
  2. It’s Only Love (Live) 3:25
  3. Recorded live in Birmingham, NEC in 1985 / Live sound recorded and mixed by John Hudson / Produced by Terry Britten
Jim Vallance

I attended Tina Turner's vocal session for „It's Only Love“. As soon as she started singing, my heart sank. Our track was in the wrong key for Tina's vocal range! I thought we'd blown it, but Tina and Bryan tried a few things. They nudged the melody up a third and suddenly, we were back in business and Tina nailed it! What a thrilling moment that was. It was very exciting to witness.


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Tina Turner & Bryan Adams - It's Only Love - SingleTina Turner & Bryan Adams - It's Only Love - SingleTina Turner & Bryan Adams - It's Only Love - SingleTina Turner & Bryan Adams - It's Only Love - Single
Music Video

The music video shows Tina in a black mini dress and a jeans jacket, introducing Bryan Adams. He then joins her on stage with his guitar for the duet. The clip was taken from the Private Dancer Tour home video and won a MTV Video Award in the category „Best Stage Performance“ in 1986.

Director: David Mallet
Home VideoPrivate Dancer Tour (VHS, LaserDisc)
Time: 4:13

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