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I Don’t Wanna Lose You (1989)

Tina Turner - I Don't Wanna Lose You - Single

I Don’t Wanna Lose You was the third single from the album Foreign Affair in Germany and the second one in England. Tina promoted it at several TV-Shows and performed it live at her Foreign Affair Tour as a sing-along version with the audience, available on the Do You Want Some Action! home video from 1990. The b-side tracks Stronger Than The Wind and the „Steel Claw“ live version were previously unreleased. As a special bonus, the UK maxi single contains a giant poster. The single was not released in America.

PhotographerPeter Lindbergh
Release: November 1989 (UK) / February 1990 (Germany) / 2021 (Digital)
Label: Capitol / EMI
Format: 7“ Vinyl / 12“ Vinyl (Poster) / 3“ CD / 5“ CD / Cassette / Digital
Charts: Europe: #4 / UK: #8 / Germany: #38 / Australia: #59
AlbumForeign Affair

  1. I Don’t Wanna Lose You 4:21
  2. Writer: Albert Hammond, Graham Lyle / Producer: Roger Davies, Graham Lyle, Albert Hammond / James Ralston: Guitar / Gene Black: Guitar / Nick Glennie-Smith: Keyboards, Strings / Casey Young: Keyboards / Albert Hammond: Shaker / Gary Barnacle: Sax solo / Greg Mathieson: Synth Bass / Geoff Dugmore: Drums / Graham Lyle, Tina Turner, Albert Hammond and Holly Knight: Backing Vocals / Recorded by Tommy Vicari and Mike Ging
    Additional tracks:
  1. Steel Claw (Live) 4:34
  2. Previously Unreleased / From the German release / Written by Paul Brady / Produced by Terry Britten
  3. The Best (Extended Mighty Mix) 6:36
  4. Previously Unreleased / From the German release / Remix by John Luongo for 'The Office'
  5. Not Enough Romance 4:04
  6. From the UK release / Taken from the album 'Foreign Affair'
  7. Stronger Than The Wind 4:02
  8. Previously Unreleased / From the UK release / Written by Essra Mohawk, T. Sciuto / Produced by Nick Glennie-Smith, Roger Davies / Mixed by Chris Lord-Alge
  9. We Don't Need Another Hero 4:16
  10. From the UK release / Taken from the 7" single
Tina Turner - I Don't Wanna Lose You - Single

The music video shows different scenes with couples and Tina in-between singing on a balcony, and leaning against a window. The clip was originally released on the Foreign Affair EP on VHS and later on the Simply The Best video collection on DVD. It’s also available as a HD remastered version on the Foreign Affair (Deluxe Edition).

Director: Dominic Sena
Producer: Aris McGary
Release: Foreign Affair EP / Simply The Best / Foreign Affair (Deluxe Edition) / YouTube
Time: 4:15

Tina Turner - I Don't Wanna Lose You - Music Video

Foreign Affair Promo Interview

Oh Gosh! When I heard that song, I just knew that it was another Terry Britten-ish kind of „What’s Love Got To Do With It,“ or better, because the words were even better then „What’s Love Got To Do With It,“ as far as I’m concerned. Then I found that Hammond co-wrote it with Graham Lyle. Just an automatic song that you couldn’t say no to, again. That was one that was finished with the album. We had chosen the songs already and I said Roger, "I don’t know how many songs we have, but I’ve got a feeling that we had better take this one". Because you do as many as you can and whatever’s the best you take it, so I took it.

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