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Goodbye Again (1968)

Ike & Tina Turner - Goodbye Again - TV

Goodbye Again was a series of four hour-long television programmes from the British TV network ITV to re-unite Peter Cook and Dudley Moore and recreate their very successful BBC comedy series „Not Only... But Also“. Ike & Tina have been once guests on the show and performed some songs live between the sketches. The promotional picture shows Tina with a different dress than she wears at the performance shown on television. A two-hour compilation from the four shows was released on home video in 2005 under the title „The Very Best of Goodbye Again“.

    August 18, 1968
  1. GimmeSome Lovin' (Kings of Rhythm)
  2. Goodbye, So Long
  3. Land of 1.000 Dances
  4. Instrumental (Kings of Rhythm)
  5. River Deep, Mountain High

  6. All songs were performed live

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