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Good Hearted Woman (1979)

Tina Turner - Good Hearted Woman - Album

Good Hearted Woman contains previously unreleased tracks from the Tina Turns The Country On recording session, released for the first time in 1979 on this album. The cover picture was taken from the Acid Queen photo session. After Tina’s comeback, it was reissued in 1985 under the title Goes Country with different cover pictures and with two additional medleys. In the meantime, all songs are available also digitally and in remixed versions and in 2021 it was released on compact disc with the original cover art and title.

Producer: Bob Scherl
Design: Linda Rozelle
Release: 1979 / Various (Reissue) / 2021 (CD)
Label: Wagner / Various (Reissue) / Good Time (CD)
Format: Vinyl / Cassette / CD / Digital

    Side A
  1. Lay It Down 3:37
  2. Written by G. Thomas
  3. Lovin’ Him Was Easier 4:17
  4. Written by K. Kristofferson
  5. Good Hearted Woman 3:20
  6. Written by W. Jennings, W. Nelson
  7. If This Is Our Last Time 3:26
  8. Written by D. Frazier / Promo in 1979
  9. Stand By Your Man 2:37
  10. Written by B. Sherrill, T. Wynette / Promo in 1985
    Side B
  1. Freedom To Stay 2.54
  2. Written by W. Hoover
  3. We Had It All 3:20
  4. Written by D. Fritts, T. Seals
  5. Soul Deep 2:34
  6. Written by W. Carson
  7. If It’s Alright With You 2:50
  8. Written by K. O’Dell, L. Henley
  9. You Ain’t No Women Enough To Take My Man 2:49
  10. Written by L. Lynn
Tina Turner - Good Hearted Woman - Album

CashBox - November 24, 1979

Most people don't think of Tina Turner as a country artist, which is understandable because she isn't. However, on this album she records a collection of country songs in her own unique style and the result is an album many country programmers and listeners will enjoy. Best cuts include „If This Is Our Last Time,“ „We Had It All,“ „Soul Deep“ and „Freedom To Stay“.

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